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AED. 371.00
Syncbox for accessing files over the Internet Free client apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices DLNA/iTunes servers to sync...
  • Syncbox for accessing files over the Internet Free client apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices
  • DLNA/iTunes servers to sync your Android/Apple (iOS) devices
  • Integrated BitTorrent client for seamless downloading Supports multimode operation—RAID 0/1 and JBOD
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, and MAC OS 8.6 or above

Create your personal cloud at home or office!

Designed for homes and small offices, Merlin’s Storm NAS is a compact 2-bay NAS server that helps make your digital life fun and productive. Merlin’s Storm NAS may be small in size, but offers big data protection with RAID configuration options, making it more than just a novelty NAS. Available in 4TB and 6TB capacities, Storm NAS comes preconfigured and is designed to be used right out of the box. Get the ability to share, stream, and synchronize files with whoever you want, wherever you want! 

Ideal for work and home

Storm NAS lets you stream media to compatible DLNA-/UPnP-capable devices as well as upload and access data on the go via PC, Mac, and compatible smartphones and tablets. It provides ample storage space for music, movies, and other files, so you can easily centralize and organize your family's media in one secure location. Moreover, it’s enhanced data protection and RAID configuration features make it ideal for archiving critical data at work.

Compact yet powerful private cloud server

Sleek and lightweight, Storm NAS is a specially designed 2-bay network attached storage (NAS) with precision engineered parts and a high-quality metal casing. It provides beginners as well as advanced users with affordable network storage as well as the capability to host, share, and protect data. The free Syncbox app allows you to connect to your private cloud server over the Internet from anywhere in the world through desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

Media server for streaming multimedia content

With a built-in DLNA Digital Media Server (DMS) and iTunes Server, Storm NAS serves as your primary media server and is capable of hosting digital multimedia content for local or remote playback. Once connected to a router, Storm NAS streams music, photos, and videos to DLNA-compliant devices such as DLNA TVs, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles as well as iTunes clients on the network without any pre-configuration. 

Access your files anywhere from your private cloud

Storm NAS is the perfect destination for backing up your data—whether you’re a Windows or Mac user. Its comprehensive cloud service allows you to sync files among multiple devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android as well as Windows mobile devices. The built-in FTP server lets you securely access your data over the Internet, and your data remains protected as it’s not on any public cloud server.

Integrated BitTorrent client

What makes Storm NAS even more useful is its integrated BitTorrent client, which lets you upload multiple torrent files through a graphical interface and downloads the files without the need of a separate PC.

Easy to set up

The inbuilt Ethernet port enables simple connection to your existing network, making it easy to access stored files from multiple devices. The USB 2.0 host port lets you connect USB hard drives for increased storage as well as printers for sharing on your private network.