HexaCopter UAV

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HexaCopter UAV

AED. 595.00
Features   Controlled via Wi-Fi and smartphone app with real-time video feed Camera with record and capture functions Six-rotor aerial...
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  • Controlled via Wi-Fi and smartphone app with real-time video feed
  • Camera with record and capture functions
  • Six-rotor aerial platform with three speed modes
  • Built-in 6-axis gyroscope for perfect stabilization
  • Intuitive controls for ascend/descend, forward/backward, left/right, and hover
  • Comes with 2.4GHz RF controller and free smartphone app

Magical Fact

The earliest recorded use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for warfighting occurred on August 22, 1849, when the Austrians attacked the Italian city of Venice with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives. Launched from the Austrian ship Vulcano, some of the balloons worked and successfully managed to bomb The Republic; however, others were caught in a change of wind and blown back over Austrian lines.

Six is Better

Unlike traditional drones, HexaCopter UAV has six motors for extra power, airlift, and stability. The added rotors provide an unmatched level of flight stability, allowing a novice to fly like a pro in a matter of minutes.

Stable and Control

HexaCopter's six-axis gyroscope as well as its streamlined and lightweight design provides added maneuverability, making it supremely easy to control and perform tricks in the sky. You can use either the included controller or your smartphone and have perfect control. The controller has three speed control options Slow, Medium, and High allowing you to fly the way you want under different flying conditions.

Advanced Remote Control

The included 2.4GHz radio frequency controller provides you with highly precise ascend/descend, forward/backward, and roll/tilt functions from a simple interface. The controller's auto pairing feature lets you quickly connect to your drone, allowing you to take HexaCopter to the skies right out of the box.

Wireless Connectivity

Using Merlin's HexaCopter UAV app and by connecting to the drone's Wi-Fi network, you can control HexaCopter up to 50 meters. The built-in camera lets you shoot live, real-time videos and take pictures direct to your smartphone, providing a full first-person view (FPV) experience.

Easy to Use with Real-Time Feedback

The high-quality camera at the front gives you real-time view of the flight on your mobile device, allowing you take photos and videos from a completely new perspective. HexaCopter comes with a full-featured app that lets you take complete control of your camera and flight system from a very easy-to-use interface.