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Wi-Fi Smart Socket

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Wi-Fi Smart Socket

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Turn electrical appliances on or off... from anywhere

The Merlin Smart Socket makes home automation super easy, letting you turn electrical devices on or off from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, whether you’re at home or not. The easy-to-setup Smart Socket can control multiple devices. Set schedules for your electrical appliances to turn on or off at specific time intervals, helping you reduce power consumption. The built-in USB fast charging port lets you charge your smartphone, tablet, and any other USB device.




  • Simple plug-and-play setup
  • Operates over WiFi and mobile Internet, at home and away
  • Access and control the socket from anywhere in the world
  • Visually monitor energy consumption in real time

Easy to setup and use

Setting up the socket is as easy as plugging it into a power socket and configuring it from your smartphone via the free I-Smart app—takes just 60 seconds.

Control from anywhere

Once connected to your home WiFi network, Smart Socket lets you turn on or off your connected electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. All you need is a working mobile Internet connection.

Energy control at your fingertips

The intelligent sensor inside the Smart Socket sends power consumption data to your smartphone in real time, letting you monitor when the connected electrical appliances are turned on or off and the energy consumed.

Scheduled power on and off

I-Smart app lets you set schedules for devices connected to the Smart Socket. Now, no need to worry about the light that you left on in your bedroom or the heater that you're not sure was turned off.

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Click Here to Download User Manual

• Rated Current : 10A • Rated voltage : 90V-260V
• Rated frequency :50-60HZ • Rated Power : 2200W
• Wireless Frequency: 2.4Ghz • Encryption : AES/TKIP
• Static power loss : <0.8W • Working temp : -20°C ~ 75°C
• Humidity : 10%-95%
• Wireless standard : IEEE802.11 b/g/n
• Output power : 802.11b:16±2dBm; 802.11g:13±2dBm
• Receive sensitive : 802.11b: <-84dBm(11Mbps);
802.11g: <-68dBm(54Mbps)
Dimensions 10x6x4 cm
Weight 225

Wi-Fi Smart Socket FAQ

Q) How do I schedule a task on Wi-Fi Smart Socket?
A) While the desired socket is selected in the app, select the round button with the up arrow symbol to create/edit tasks. You have two options "Timing ON/OFF" and "Delay ON/OFF". Timing mode will allow you to set a specific time for the device to switch ON/OFF automatically. You can select the day in the calendar. The Delay mode will allow you to set the delay time for the device to switch ON/OFF automatically. You can add multiple tasks but you can select only one mode per task.
Q) How to operate Wi-Fi Smart Socket from a distance?
A) Ensure that the smart socket and smartphone are connected to a network with Internet access. Once connected, the Smart Socket listed in the app will show an Airplane logo. Giving commands to the Smart Socket might take time, depending on the Internet connection of both the Smart Socket and smartphone.
Q) Can I control the device even if I am in another country?
A) If properly connected to the Internet, you may be able to control the device, even when you're not at home.
Q) Can I connect an extension to the Smart Socket?
A) Yes, but keep in mind that all appliances connected to the extension will also be turned ON/OFF.
Q) How many Smart Sockets can I connect to my home Wi-Fi?
A) Theoretically, a Wi-Fi router can hold up to 254 IP addresses (1 device per IP address). Depending on how many devices you have at home which uses internet, then you can subtract those and get the remaining available IP addresses.
Q) Can I access the Smart Socket via a computer?
A) Not as of now. The application is only available for smartphones.
Q) Can I set-up/pair multiple smart sockets in one time?
A) No. Pairing the Smart Socket must be done one by one/one after the other.

Customer Reviews

Merlin Wifi Socket Review by Rita
This is a perfect solution for people who wish to be able to remotely connect and disconnect any electrical device or appliance. I use this socket to reboot a device I have which stops working sometimes and requires rebooting! Long gone are the days of frustration, now with a simple press of a button, I can disconnect and reconnect the Merlin socket and it reboots the device for me. The best part is the Merlin Customer service team, which is second to none! They are beyond supportive and they would actually walk the extra mile to make sure their customers' needs are met. Thank you for your great products but more for your wonderful customer service support! (Posted on 3/17/2016)
Advance Technology in Switching power supply Review by Abu Farhan
It is certainly an Advance Technology in Switching power supply for domestic and Office Use welldone Merlin. (Posted on 9/10/2015)
this is very attractive product now a dayes Review by FARUKE
Merlin Smart Socket makes my home and office very easy to control my electrical device with the help of my smart phone its easy to use it is very helpful. (Posted on 7/12/2015)

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  1. Download and install “Merlin SmartHome” app from Google Play or App Store on your phone.
  2. Connect Wi-Fi Socket to a power supply. Once the LED indicator starts flashing green slowly, press and hold the reset button.
  3. The LED should start flashing green quickly, indicating that the device is in configuration mode.
  4. Run “Merlin SmartHome” app on your phone and click on the “Remoter List” icon on the bottom to open the settings menu.
  5. Click “Add Device” -> ”Network Configure” -> ”One Key Configure”, enter your router’s details, and click “Start Configuration”.
  6. Note: Do not start configuration until the LED indicator is flashing green quickly. If configuration fails, reset the device and repeat the above steps.

  7. Once Wi-Fi Socket has been configured, you’ll be taken to the Security Settings interface.
  8. Enter the device’s default password as “123456” and save the settings.
  9. Now you can control Wi-Fi Socket over your home Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.