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New Generation of Indoor Planting

VegeGrow supports planting of more than 70 kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Powered by hydroponics, indoor gardening has never been easier! No soil means no fuss and an aesthetically pleasing design makes it an easy addition to any home.



Safe and healthy for your family

Safe and healthy, VegeGrow’s vegetables are SGS certified and completely eliminate pesticide residues, heavy metals and hormone pollution. Educate yourself and loved ones how to grow their own produce and give them access to healthy eating.

Easy Assemble and plug in design

Easy to use, VegeGrow comes with a LED growth light, automatic watering, smart operation and a simple assemble and plug in system which means you only need to fill in the required amount of water, connect the unit to a power source and you’re ready to start growing!

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1 Year Warranty