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Universal Laptop Adapter

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Universal Laptop Adapter

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Charge any Laptop with just One Universal Adapter

The universal laptop adapter is one of the best accessories for anyone who owns a laptop or happens to have more than one laptop. This universal laptop adapter is becoming one of the most important accessory in the world of computer accessories since it is compatible with most versions and brands of laptops.




  • Multiple charging heads
  • Connects to most electronics
  • Charge any USB device
  • Short-circuit protection and over-heat protection


We all know that we will never be using the same laptop for our entire life and that we all will buy new laptops and it is because of this reason that most people prefer to have the universal laptop adapter so that every time they buy a new laptop they don’t need to be investing in a new adapter which will be compatible with the new laptop, for the purpose of traveling or even for keeping it as a spare one in the office.

Portable power:

The Merlin Universal Laptop Adapter provides ultra portable power wherever you go. Big power takes a slim profile with the Universal Power Adapter. It delivers reliable power for today's high-performance notebooks. Whether you're in the air, on the road or just at the office. Output power: up to 120 watts. Built-in over current protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection. Connection plugs included for use at home/office, airplane or car. Works with USB cable. Charge any USB device like your mobile phone, camera, ipad etc.


Additional Information

In Depth

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Connector Specifications:

  • M1: 15V - Toshiba
  • M2: 16V - IBM
  • M3: I6V - Sony, Fujitsu
  • M4: 18.5V - Compaq
  • M5: 19V - Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon
  • M6: 19V - Samsung
  • M7: 19V - Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon
  • M8: 19.5V - Sony
  • M9: 19.5V - Dell
  • M10: 20V - Dell
  • M11: 20V - IBM, Lenovo
  • M12: 18.5V - HP, Compaq
  • M13: 24V - Apple
  • M16: 16.5V - Apple
  • M17: 18.5V - Apple
  • M18: 14.5V - Apple

Dimensions 155x60x35 mm
Weight 787 g

Universal Laptop Adapter FAQ

Q) Will using an incorrect tip damage my laptop?
A) The tips are designed to be used with specific laptops and so you should only use the tip that is designated specifically for your laptop. The use of an incorrect tip may cause performance issues, including the inability to charge the internal battery or power the laptop, or the display of an error message on the laptop screen. It is also possible that the use of an incorrect tip could damage your laptop. For these reasons, it is necessary to use the tip designed specifically for your laptop.
Q) My laptop is less than 90 watts (e.g. 65 watts). Will this adapter damage my laptop?
A) No, using this power adapter will not damage your laptop. This adapter only supplies as much power as required by the laptop, up to a maximum of 90 watts.
Q) I notice that the adapter is warm when I use it. Is this a problem?
A) During standard operation the adapter body may feel warm, and this is normal. The adapter should always be placed in a ventilated area in order to prevent over-heating.

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