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Mini QuadCopter UAV

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Mini QuadCopter UAV

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Explore the Skies!

View things from an aerial perspective with Merlin’s Mini QuadCopter UAV, an advanced radio-controlled aircraft that comes together in an easy-to-use, all-in-one flying platform. Mini QuadCopter is tiny and nimble, and performs 360-degree flips and stunts with amazing stability. With the built-in high-quality camera, you can shoot and capture stunning 480p images and videos directly to a microSD card. Mini QuadCopter comes with a user-friendly RF controller that lets you take complete control of your camera and flight system from a very easy-to-use interface.

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Product Description



    • Lightweight and aerodynamic design
    • Performs 360-degree stunts and flips
    • Intuitive controls for ascend/descend, forward/backward, left/right, and hover
    • Controlled via radio frequency with a range of 80 feet
    • Built-in high-quality camera that shoots 480p photos and videos
    • High-capacity battery for about 10 minutes of flight time

    Magical Fact

    It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late 15th century were the predecessor to the modern day flying machine. Known as the "Helical Air Screw" or simply the "airscrew", the device was designed to compress air to obtain flight – similar to today’s helicopters.

    Experience the Fun of Flying

    This tiny and nimble drone will spark your imagination with its acrobatic moves and its incredibly small size. Able to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing a little over an ounce, this lightweight and streamlined drone is easy-to-carry and easy-to-use.

    Tiny but Power-Packed

    Get the power of flight in your hands. Mini QuadCopter is so effortless to fly that it takes only a few minutes for someone with absolutely zero drone-flying experience to learn it. The included RF remote control features two joysticks to optimally control your small personal aircraft as well as quick trimming buttons to stabilize your drone in any flying condition.

    A Bird’s-Eye View of Your World

    The brilliant camera system of Mini QuadCopter lets you take stunning 480p videos and pictures right from the controller. All your shots are directly saved on the onboard microSD card (not included) which can be then transferred to your smartphone or computer using the included microSD card reader.

    Flies Anywhere and Everywhere

    Don’t let the size of Mini QuadCopter fool you. This tiny drone can fly with amazing stability and maneuverability outdoors as it does indoors. Combined with cool features such as One-Button Return, 360-degree flips and stunts, and Head-Lock Flight mode, users of all levels can have fun flying the drone, be it a beginner or a drone aficionado.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    In Depth

    Click Here to Download User Manual

    • Frequency & Range: 2.4GHz & 80 feet
    • Camera: Built-in 0.3MP
    • Recording: [email protected]
    • Sensors: Six-axis gyro
    • Features: Three Speed Modes & 360° Flip Functions
    • Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V, 150mAh Lithium Polymer
    • Play Time: 10 minutes
    • Charging Time: ~30 minutes

    Dimensions No
    Weight No

    Mini QuadCopter UAV FAQ

    Q) What is the range of the drone’s Wi-Fi connection?
    A) The maximum control radius is 80 feet.
    Q) How do I replace broken propellers?
    A) Refer to the following diagram to replace broken propellers.
    Q) How do I access the images or videos captured by the drone?
    A) Remove the microSD card from the drone and use a card reader to access all your images/videos.
    Q) How to pair the drone to joystick controller?
    A) Turn on the drone. Turn on the joystick controller. Slide down twice the left joystick to pair the controller to the drone.
    Q) Can the drone be controlled via smartphones?
    A) No.
    Q) How long does battery last?
    A) For about 10-15 minutes.
    Q) How to connect the controller?

    A) 1) Turn the drone on using the on/off switch located at the side of the device

    2) Turn the controller on using the on/off switch located in the center.

    3) Place the drone on a flat, level surface.

    4) The LEDs on the drone will begin to flash slowly, indicating that the device is ready for pairing.

    5) On the controller, push the Left Joystick up until you hear a beep, indicating successful pairing.

    Q) How to control the flights?

    A) 1) Slide the Left Joystick up/down to make the drone climb up/down.

    2) Slide the Left Joystick left/right to move the drone left/right.

    3) Slide the Right Joystick up/down to move the drone forward/backward

    4) Slide the Right Joystick left/right to turn the drone left/right.

    Q) How the records work?

    A) 1) Press the Record button on the top left of the controller to begin video recording. Press again to stop recording.

    2) Press the Capture button on the top right of the controller to capture an image.

Product's Review
    1. Very good Review by Anton

      Nice to have merlin product (Posted on 2/23/2018)

    2. good quality Review by phil

      Just need to improve the battery and the camera with audio recording its much better. (Posted on 6/12/2016)

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