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Tire Tracker

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Tire Tracker

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Monitor tire pressure and temperature in real time

TireTracker is a highly efficient tire pressure monitoring system that continuously detects your vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature to instantly alert you when tire pressure drops or helps you catch under inflated tires before they become a hazard. With immediate fast leakage alert by audible and visible warnings, configurable alarm values, adjustable BAR/PSI values, and LCD display for quick look at pressure/temperature values, TireTracker helps you keep your vehicle in good condition, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, prolonged tire life, and increased traffic safety.




  • Monitor pressure & temperature of all four tires in real time
  • Wireless data transmission with strong signal
  • LCD screen displays four tire pressure & temperature
  • Improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire life, and increase traffic safety
  • Adjustable pressure units: BAR & PSI
  • Easy and Quick Installation; Doesn’t require mechanic or costly tools

Magical Fact

In 1887, John Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic tire for his son's tricycle, tested it, and patented it on December 7, 1888. Dunlop’s development of the pneumatic tire arrived at a crucial time in the development of road transportation. Commercial production began in late 1890 in Belfast, Ireland. Dunlop partnered with William Du Cros to form a company that would later become the Dunlop Rubber Company.

Real Time Tracking

This full-time wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system is designed to alert you in advance of underinflated tires, ensuring your safety. In addition to this, you can also know the tire temperature before they become a hazard.

Easy 3-Step Installation

Each device comes with unique tire sensors that fit on all four valve stems on your car's tires. These sensors transmit data via IR signals to the dashboard display, showing each tire's pressure and temperature in real time, and alerts you of any fluctuations in temperature or pressure.

Audible Alarms

The system has fast leakage alerts, which give visible and audible warnings with fixed pressure and temperature alarm levels. This ensures better health of your vehicle in extreme weather and road conditions.

Additional Information

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Simple 3-Step Installation
  • 1. Install the Base Nut
  • 2. Install the Sensor
  • 3. Tighten the Base Nut
  • Install LCD Screen on Dashboard or Lighter Jack
  • Dimensions No
    Weight 250 g

    Tire Tracker FAQ

    Q)Do the sensors affect the balance of the duallies ?
    A) No, the sensors are very small in size and are attached to wheel valve stem causing nil impact on tire balance.
    Q) Will the screen display the readings for each tire at the same time?
    A) Yes, The monitor will display the reading for each of the tires at the same time.
    Q)What can cause a “No signal Warning” ?
    A) No Signal Warning can be caused due to low battery in a sensor.
    Q) How is the monitor powered ?
    A) The monitor has no internal battery, therefore, it is powered by the car charger port or can be supplied with external power using the enclosed cable.
    Q)How can I change the baseline pressure setting for any or all tires?
    A) Simply go to Pressure Setting Mode and adjust the baseline pressure for the desired tire, the monitor will update and utilize the new set baseline.

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