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Powerful Sound Beyond Your Regular TV Experience

Bring cinema-quality sound to your living room without the hassle of installing new speakers with Thunderbar—a compact soundbar and powerful subwoofer system with integrated TV bracket. Sleek and easy to install, Thunderbar is designed to perfectly match any TV and projects stunning, virtual surround sound from a sleek and simple package. Give your movies and music a boost and transform your living room for a cinema theater experience.




  • Bluetooth: For streaming music from your portable devices
  • 3D Surround Sound effect for a theater experience
  • Streamlined soundbar with powerful subwoofer and integrated TV bracket
  • Enhanced Sound for a Wide Surround Experience
  • Remote Control Included
  • One-Touch LED Indicator
  • Portable & Lightweight Design
  • Easy Access to Camera Volume & Power Keys

  • Magical Fact

    In September 1964, Raymon Dones, of El Cerrito, California, received a US Patent, which was the first patent for a subwoofer. Dones' loudspeaker was marketed in the US under the trade name "The Octavium", and was utilized by several recording artists of that era, most notably the Grateful Dead, bassist Monk Montgomery, bassist Nathan East, and the Pointer Sisters. Moreover, The Octavium speaker and Dones' subwoofer technology was utilized, in a few select theaters, to reproduce low pitch frequencies for the 1974 blockbuster movie "Earthquake".

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Stream music from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth wireless audio

    Added Bass Kick

    Take your movies, TV shows, and music beyond traditional stereo with a dedicated 30W subwoofer

    For Music Lovers

    Delivers cinematic sound for all your movies, TV shows, sports, and games—and wirelessly streams your favorite music, too

    Sleek, Sytlish Design

    Brings stunning, cinematic sound to any thin-profile TV without messy wires

    Additional Information

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    Bluetooth Range : 10m
    Audio Input : 3.5mm
    Power Supply : AC 220V
    Remote Controller Power Supply : DC 3V
    Output Power : 80W
    Dimensions 323x366x565mm
    Weight No

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      TV Bracket Combinations

      The casings are screwed down via threads. The default casing combination is A+B. Casing C is separately packed in the accessories box. To change the casing combination, simply unscrew the casings from the joint between Casings A & B or from the joint between Casing B & the Attachment Sleeve.


    1. Fix the TV Support Bar to the mounting holes at the back of your TV using two M6 wing screws.
    2. The accessories box contains three different pairs of M6 screws for different types of TVs. Select the most appropriate ones for your TV.
    3. Ensure that the TV Support Bar is fixed in the center of two mounting holes at the back of your TV.
    4. If your TV has a base stand, remove it before installing the TV on Thunderbar.
    5. Unscrew the Adjustment Knob B and the Base Bracket Fastener, and loosen Adjustment Knob A.
    6. Place your TV flat on the base pads on top of the soundbar.
    7. Place the bottom part of the TV stand in the Base Swivel Bracket and tighten Adjustment Knob B, Base Bracket Fastener, and Adjustment Knob A.

    Bluetooth Mode:

  • Press the power button to turn Thunderbar on.
  • Press the Function button to enter Bluetooth mode, or directly press the Bluetooth key on the remote control. On the display screen, the Bluetooth icon will flash quickly, indicating that Thunderbar is in pairing mode.
  • Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and search and connect with Thunderbar.
  • If asked for password, enter “0000”.
  • To disconnect the currently paired device and pair a new device, press the pairing key on the remote control.

  • USB Mode:

  • Insert the desired USB drive in the USB port at the side of the subwoofer.
  • Press the Function button to select USB mode, or directly press the USB button on the remote control.
  • Thunderbar will auto-play the contents of the USB drive.
  • Thunderbar supports the following music formats: MP3, WMA and WAV.
  • Note: Thunderbar supports up to 8-level file subdirectories. Total file number is limited to 9,999 music files.

    AUX Mode:

  • Connect the RCA or 3.5mm audio cable to the coaxial RCA socket input on the back side of Thunderbar, and connect the other end to the coaxial output or AUX Out of the external device.
  • Press the power button to start the device.
  • Press the Function button to select AUX Mode, or directly press the AUX button on the remote control.

  • Optical Audio Mode:

  • Connect the optical audio cable to the optical output of the audio source and the optical input port at the back of Thunderbar.
  • Press the power key to turn Thunderbar on.
  • Press the Function button to switch to optical mode, or directly press the Optical button on the remote control.
  • Ensure that the audio output of the audio source is set to PCM or optical audio, and ensure that the audio source device is playing.
  • Support