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The Lecher Antenna

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The Lecher Antenna

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A German physicist, Ernst Lecher, discovered at the beginning of the present century the principle of the resonance provoked by a loop of wiring with a sliding shunt. This bears his name : the Lecher wire loop and its applications are taught in college and university courses.. The Lecher antennas were produced in Germany to measure earth telluric tensions.

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    The ACMOS Method relies upon the measurement and analysis of different fields of electro-magnetic energy and circuits within the human body. These measurements give precise information of the cells within the body which constitute the body in three dimensions: physical, emotional and psychological. It enables the identification of different levels within the body, their perturbations corresponding to simple energetic disorders or where they have already formed lesions.

    Science and measurement enable interrogation at our body’s energetic level to be carried out with considerable precision. It is as a result of the considerable research and validation carried out since 1985 by René NACCACHIAN, engineer, searcher in biophysics, a bioenergetician, Doctor in energetic medicine, sciences and molecular biology. It is an accident that has driven this interest very close to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in particular. It is following very committed effort and research that has lead to the light of high technology that is offered by modern science.

    The ACMOS Method and its extremely sophisticated equipment that it uses, are the results proven of fundamental discoveries. Today the progress that has been made in the matter of health by the application of the ACMOS Method is measurable and , from the opinions and experiences of numerous specialists around the world this is both considerable and incontestable.




    SBJ International developed a range of lecher antennas with high sensitivity in order to measure all the tensions influencing the human energy and affecting man’s health. The range is known under the name of the Acmos rulers. The latest model is the "Acmos Periscopic type" which can check and reactivate energy imbalances

    The Acmos antenna measures the balance of the organic energy at its various levels. It can determine the origin of a health problem by locating the organ or the area where the energy blocage is taking place.

    Twelve causes can be identified by the Acmos methodology and organized by medical or natural approaches. Whichever the methodology proposed the results are projected and checked with the Acmos Antenna on the overall body vibratory response.

    The Acmos Lecher Antenna will provide as well the following vital informations :
    The compatibility of the treatments applied,
    The synergy amongst the various medications or Acmos regulators prescribed,
    The precise dosage and phonology of each recommended item.

    The list of disorders which origin can be confirmed with the Acmos Lecher Antenna and Testing Products methodology are the following :
    1. Hereditary : Acmos essential oils
    2. Psychological tensions : High dilution psy homeopathy
    3. Terrain : Acmos minerals
    4. Liver blockage : Citrate of betaine
    5. Infections : Homeopathic anticollibacil
    6. Evolutive pathologies : Viscum Album range of indicators
    7. Mental or gland : Trace elements
    8. Hormonal : Hormonal homeopathy
    9. Surface disorders : Acmos herbs
    10. Elimination failures : Acmos colour filters
    11. Geobiological : Acmos oils and colour filters
    12. Environmental : Acmos oils, complexes and filters

    The latest Acmos Lecher Antenna called the "Periscopic Antenna" possesses
    numerous features making it the ideal instrument for measuring easily human body fields imbalances and analysing energetically qualities of animal, vegetal, mineral and all objects in, on or around the human body and which can influence his health of mind and body.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    In Depth The Acmos Antenna major features are :
    1. It can be folded for practical purposes
    2. It can be made easily adaptable for own measurements
    3. A groove system makes it practical for use by persons with poor sight
    4. Its high quality permits reactivation of certain vibratory blocages.
    5. It evaluates vibratory levels in energetic matters (animal, vegetable, mineral...)
    Dimensions 225 x 70 x 10 mm
    Weight 45 g
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