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Quick Overview

TeleBot's Auto-Answer feature allows you to activate the TeleBot remotely, thereby eliminating the need for human intervention at the robot's location. This is particularly useful if you are hoping to check-in on family members or pets without needing one of them to activate the robot. Although, if you have a pet that can activate a robot, please let us know!. One of the other more exciting features is the Auto-Docking feature, whereby TeleBot will automatically return to its charger when the battery is low in order to charge itself. Or you can, with the click of a button, send TeleBot immediately to its charger whenever you are done with your call.


  • Real-time Video chat
  • Remote Control
  • Auto Answering
  • Automatic Docking for charging

Height: Approx. 96.5 cm (about 3'2")
Docking Station: Yes, included
Tablet: Built-in Auto-Charged Monitor
Run Time: 10 hours
Video Resolution: 720p HD
Auto-Answer: Yes
Auto-Docking: Yes
Crash Avoidance: Yes, Obstacle Indication.
Network Connectivity: WiFi or 4G LTE
Bandwidth Required: 4 Mbps (8Mbps recommended)
Type: Telepresence
Charge Time: 6 hours
Top Speed: 1.64 mph (2.64 km/h)

Merlin TeleBot serves as your stand-in to guide customer in the mall, visit patients in hospital remotely and visit the hotel room in advance.

Easy to use

The TeleBot comes with a built-in screen, speakers, a 720p camera, and a downward-facing camera for extra help in navigating more difficult areas. Simply install the TeleBot app, and you are on your way to driving the TeleBot telepresence robot around as if you were at the TeleBot's location.

Be Present Anywhere in Seconds

Wanted to visit your elderly parents more often, or visit your home or your pets while away? TeleBot allows you to do those very things with extreme ease. Drop in on your co-workers, family, friends or pets instantly!

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