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Merlin Purely Reusable Washable Electric KN95 Face Mask

  • Design of removable filter cotton, the deep-purifying fresh air is sent to the inlet chamber cavity.
  • High facial value light mask, light, compact, fashionable, decorative face.
  • Innovative five-fold compound process fabric, strong resilience, 99% fatigue resistance.
  • Extremely comfortable contact with the skin, good air permeability, the overall seamless process.
  • Technological fabrics, active ventilation, innovative breathing module, breathing freely without choking.
  • A comprehensive solution to the problems of poor breathing, dampness, and phlegm in traditional masks will bring you comfortable and healthy breathing.

AED 245

Selective Material Ergonomic Design

Inner Filter

  • Anti-bacterial non-woven fabric
  • Nanometer electret fiber
Outer Polyester Material
  • Hand woven
  • Three-dimensional structure
  • Camber surface design


Product Features

Excellent Purifying Effect

Easy to breathe

Good Moisture Absorption

Materials are food grade



  • Three-level adjustable fan speeds
  • Swiveling filter compartment
  • Detachable Design
  • Polymer Lithium-ion battery that works for 4-8 hours after fully charge
  • Nanometer Electret Filter Wool

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