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Enjoy fresh and clean air in your home, office or car with PureAir. The unique 3-stage filtration process removes up to 99% of in-home pollutants to keep you and your family in good health. With a dust filter that removes fine dust particles and absorbs bad odors, a HEPA filter that eliminates 99% of 0.3µm (PM2.5) harmful airborne pollutants (such as exhaust fumes, allergens, bacteria and viruses), and an activated carbon zeolite filter that neutralizes 99% of toxic gaseous chemicals (such as formaldehyde), PureAir purifies the air you breathe, making it safe and pollutant-free.

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    Removes Chemical Odors & Vapors From sources such as pets, cleaning products and cooking appliances Powerful Ionizer Charges & traps ultra-fine dust particles Breaks Down Odors & Deodorizes Breaks down chemical smells and vapors, effectively deodorizing your home or car Activated Carbon Zeolite Filter Eliminates up to 99% of toxic gases and chemical pollutants Activated Carbon Zeolite Filter Eliminates up to 99% of toxic gases and chemical pollutants 3 Air-Quality Level Indication Excellent (Green), Fair (Blue) and Poor (Red) Germs & Bacteria Eliminates 99% of germs, bacteria and airborne particles down to .03µm 3-Step Filtration Process Dust + HEPA + Activated Carbon Zeolite High-Quality HEPA Filter Removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3µm Captures Ultra-Fine Particles Such as pollen, bacteria and pet dander

    Magical Fact

    Developed in the 1940s, HEPA filters were an important part of the Manhattan project. Radioactive particulates used in the project could become airborne, and scientists needed a filter that could clean the air while keeping them safe. It wasn’t until a decade later that HEPA filters began to be used commercially in homes, hospitals, and other areas where having clean air was essential.

    3 Step Filtration Process:

    Merlin PureAir provides 3 step filtration which includes Dust elimination, HEPA Filters to second step of air purification and activated Carbon Zeolites completing the air purification process.


    Captures Ultra Fine Particles:

    The air around us carries variety of microbes such as bacteria, pollens and pet dander. Our Pureair with its unique strong purification process ensures 100% results.

    Eliminates upto 99% of toxic gases

    The Activated Carbon Zeolite Filter eliminates upto 99% of toxic gases and chemical pollutants from the atmosphere around us.

    Air Quality Indication

    The colored LEDs indicate the level of purity in your surroundings. Green indicates excellent, Blue indicates Fair and Red indicates poor



Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    HEPA Filter Capacity : PM2.5 (0.3µm)
    Operating Range : 12V, 0.7A
    Dimensions 19.30x6.70 cm
    Weight 395g

    PureAir FAQ

    Q)Can Merlin PureAir remove microbes from the atmosphere?
    A) Yes, its 3-step purification can deal with 99% of harmful air borne microbes down to 0.3 microunit.
    Q) Can Pureair show the quality of air around us?
    A) Yes, the three different colored LEDs display the quality of air around us.
    Q)What is HEPA?
    A) High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) originally called high-efficiency particulate absorber is a type of air filter.
    Q)Can Pure Air be used for bedrooms or kid’s rooms?
    A) Yes, the filtration process is safe and doesn’t omit any allergens/Chemicals, therefore, making it safe to use for your cars and rooms.
    Q)Does PureAir helps as a room freshener as well?
    A) Yes, Merlin PureAir breaks down the chemical smells and vapors effectively deodorizing your home or vehicle.

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