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ProShot Gimbal

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ProShot Gimbal

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Universal 3-Axis Gimbal for All Smartphones

Now your camera moves just as swiftly as you do—minus the blurriness. Meet ProShot, an ultra-stable three-axis gimbal that can be attached to any smartphone to start shooting professional shake-free videos. Advanced three-axis stabilizers keep your phone stable and flat, no matter how you move ProShot. Record videos and take phots like never before with ProShot Gimbal.



Gimbal Features

  • Shoot Professional Videos without Shake
  • Cancels Out Wobbles & Shake in Three Directions
  • Take Long-Exposure Shots with Super Crispness & Sharpness
  • Advanced Joystick Control for Smooth Panning
  • Free App for Added Control
  • Remote Control for Zooming & Recording

Magical Fact

The gimbal was first described by the Greek inventor Philo of Byzantium (280–220 BC). Philo described an eight-sided ink pot with an opening on each side, which can be turned so that while any face is on top, a pen can be dipped and inked — yet the ink never runs out through the holes of the other sides.

Turn Moments into Movies

Wish your home videos were more professional? Well, ProShot lets you shoot any kind of video like a pro. Without requiring expensive equipment and camera, ProShot lets you record smooth videos right from your smartphone without any shakes. Simply place your smartphone in the holder, turn ProShot on, and you’re set.

Create with More Freedom Than Ever

ProShot Gimbal turns your smartphone into a professional setup, giving you the freedom to move freely and create with the kind of portability you never imagined was possible. Shoot crisp and clear videos in any kind of terrain without the need for a bulky tripod.

Action Shots without Shake

Show the world your adventures from a whole new perspective. Shoot shake-free videos while you walk, jog, or even run. Be it trekking, mountain biking, or any kind of fast-paced sport, get right in the middle of the action and share the experience.

Smooth Panning Motion without Blur

A conveniently placed control rocker lets you smoothly pan your videos to capture your entire surroundings, without ruining the shot with unexpected wobbles or shakes. And with three different control modes to lock roll, pan, and pitch controls, ProShot complements your video story.

ProShot App for Added Control

ProShot comes with a smartphone app that gives you complete control over panning, zooming, and recording/shooting. Mount ProShot on a tripod and shoot smooth panning time-lapse videos, vivid panoramic images, or long-exposure shots with your gimbal.

Additional Information

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Click Here to Download User Manual

  • Working Voltage: 6–12V
  • Pitch & Roll Angle: 0–320°
  • Pan Angle: 0–360°
  • Weight: 420g
  • Compatibility: Supports iPhone6, 6s, 6 plus, Samsung S6, S7, and others with similar weight & dimensions

Dimensions No
Weight 420g

ProShot Gimbal FAQ

Q) ProShot doesn’t balance my phone properly.
A) Ensure that you’ve placed your smartphone properly in the holder and that it is balanced before you turn on ProShot. Try using the included balance weight to counterbalance if you’re trying to balance a larger phone.
Q) How do I calibrate ProShot?
A) Follow instruction step #4 from the User Manual to calibrate ProShot in offline mode. You can also use the free app to calibrate ProShot

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