ProCam Lite

AED. 186.00

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ProCam Lite

AED. 186.00
Features Tough & Durable – Built for Your Extreme Lifestyle Wide Dynamic Range – For High-Quality Images in Low Light...
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  • Tough & Durable – Built for Your Extreme Lifestyle
  • Wide Dynamic Range – For High-Quality Images in Low Light
  • 16MP 4K Camera for Ultra-High Definition Videos
  • Supports 4k Time-Lapse Image & Video Recording
  • Supports microSD Cards of up to 128GB
  • Extra Battery for Non-Stop Recording
  • Comes with Helmet Mount, Bike Handlebar Mount, Waterproof Case & GoPro Adapters

  • Magical Fact

    Travelling back in time, photography wasn’t as simple as ‘smile and click’ as we see today. Back in 1820s, early cameras would take several hours to actually capture a film! Today, the number of photographs clicked every two minutes is the same as the number of photographs clicked by mankind in 1800s. Technology is great, isn’t it?

    4X HD — Ultra-High Definition

    ProCam Lite is capable of shooting Ultra-High Definition 4K videos at 24fps—that’s the frame rate at which movies are shot. And at 4 times the resolution of traditional 1080p HD, 4K is a huge step up. ProCam Lite allows you to choose between multiple resolutions and frame rates for silky smooth slow motion shots or an action-packed adventure shot.


    Gyro Image Stabilization

    One of ProCam Lite's’s notable features is its gyro-stabilized image sensor. Working similarly to a gimbal, the gyro keeps your shots steady even in the roughest environments. Turn the gyro stabilization feature on in ProCam’s settings for smooth, ultra-high definition videos.

    Freedom to Create

    ProCam Lite runs on a powerful 1,600mAh battery, allowing up to 90 minutes of 4K recording, much higher when compared with conventional cameras available in the market today. If that’s not enough, ProCam Lite comes with an extra battery. Simply pop ProCam Lite’s battery out and replace it with a fully charged one for non-stop recording.

    Sony CMOS Sensor

    ProCam Lite utilizes a 1/2.3” Sony back-illuminated CMOS sensor, helping improve dynamic range, detail and color while reducing grain and noise, and allowing for crisp, clean shots in low-light environments. This means that you can carry on shooting even when the sun’s gone down.

    High Dynamic Range

    ProCam Lite also allows you to shoot in High Dynamic Range or HDR. This lets ProCam Lite to retain more detail in the brightest and darkest areas of your images by reducing dark shadows and darkening over-exposed highlights, allowing you to push your creativity and filmmaking boundaries to the next level.

    Made for Adventures

    ProCam Lite wouldn’t be an action camera without the ability to get wet! That’s why your ProCam Lite comes equipped with a rugged, waterproof case, a helmet mount, bike handlebar mount, and GoPro adapters, making it perfect for demanding action sports, diving, snorkeling and much more.

    Play Back Awesome Moments on The Spot

    ProCam Lite’s backlit display gives you quick access to settings, shooting modes and info. The display shows a read out of the current camera settings, date, time and battery life. Simply glance at the display and you’ll have all the info you need to know that your ProCam Lite is ready to go.