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Tech Talk
While it's easy enough to take your laptop on the go with you these days, sometimes, you just want to work off your iPad or even iPhone (or other tablet device) without having to type on screen without needing an actual laptop. Enter this handy tool from Merlin: This foldable keyboard is comfortably punchy, folds right up in half so it's small and uber-portable, and it connects super easily via a Bluetooth connection, making it a cinch to connect it to your devices in mere minutes.


Solid innings at the crease
Rohit Bachani is the chief executive of Merlin Digital, a global technology and consumer electronics company that sells and creates its own products. Mr. Bachani cofounded the company with his brother Sharad in 1997 as a small computer assembling firm when they both teenagers. It later rebranded as Merlin Digital in 2001. Among its patents is a virtual reality mindefulness kit and a solar car sunshade. Born in Dubai, Mr. Bachani, 34, says he live in Al Jafiliya "in a traditional Indian joint family system" with his parents, his brother's family, his wife and 18-month-old son.

The Gulf Today

Beat anxiety, control stress via VR technology
DUBAI: The virtual reality (VR) is at the forefront not only with gaming but many other fields are benefiting from this new trend, especially the health and fitness segment, with a number of related products enticing people to go out and engage in exercises at the same time keep an conscious eye on their overall well-being.

The Gulf Today

Get sporty with Merlin Digital's sports essentials
Merlin Digital a forerunning consumer tech and wearables brand with innovative offerings in the field of tehcnology, presents its sports range devices that aim to help people who are into-performance adventures push themselves to achieve their goals.

The Gulf Today

Exciting gifts from Merlin Digital devices
Merlin Digital devices have compiled an impotant gifting guide that offers a variety to choose from. For those on the move, for office use and just fun items, the interesting mix of gifts ensures everyone is catered to.

Healthy Wellness

Innovations in Wellness.... Wearable Technologies
With everyone aspiring to be more fit and healthy, innovations in the wellness sector are enabling all of us to enjoy optimal well-being. HEALTH meets with Rohit Bachani, Director and CO-Founder of Merlin Digital who discusses the brand's latest new sports range of wearable technologies.

T3 Middle East

T3 Middle East - Merlin Digital Proshot

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A time when a laugh was not 'LOL'
Picture this, if you can't be called, can't be paged, and are unable to check your e-mail, do you really exist? This is what we have become today, A blip on someone's messenger app or a lost name in a sea of digital contacts.

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T3 Top 10 Phones Wearables Audio TVs Laptop
Leaving all your pressie-buying to the last minute? We'll make it as easy as possible: here are the essential ten gadgets to stick in your trolley this Christmas...

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VR is more than an alternative universe
From large machines that dangled over your heads, to sophisticated, head-mounted displays with processing power that could rival supercomputers of yesteryear, virtual reality (VR) has come a long way. Considerable progress has been made in VR over the last 15 years than since its conceptualisation during the 1950s.

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