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Pleo Battery RB

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Pleo Battery RB

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PLEO 2200 mAH Li rechargeable battery (WARNING! This product only works with Innvolabs and Merlin Digital PLEO)

WARNING! Innvolabs PLEO accessories only work with the 2ND Generation PLEO from INNVOLABS.


A second rechargeable battery lets you play with Pleo for even longer! Proivdes 1-1/2 hours of play time. Recharging takes about 3 hours.

Can I play with Pleo immediately after purchase?

No, you must first make sure that Pleo's battery is fully charged. The included battery pack must be placed in the charger, the AC adapter jack connected to the charger, and the AC adapter plugged into an electrical outlet. While you wait (charging takes about 3 hours), register Pleo so that we can let you know about exciting updates and downloads...and news about Pleo!

How long does a charge last?

Each charge lasts approximately one hour, and it takes four hours to recharge Pleo's battery.

Why don't Pleo's batteries last as long as those for a laptop or other gadget?

Pleo's battery life - roughly between an hour and 90 minutes depending on your level of active play - is quite a feat for a robot of his complexity. Why not longer? There is an engineering trade off between expressiveness/lifelikeness and number of motors required. Pleo includes 14 motors, and your laptop, cellphone and other cool gadgets probably contain zero...although if you have a walking, honking, animatronic laptop...we want to see it!

Additional Information

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In Depth 2200mAH NiMh Battery
Battery Rating: 7.2 V DC
Only for use in PLEO and associated charger system.
Dimensions 40x65x30 mm
Weight 234 g

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