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WI-FI Projector Pro

abdul sadiq posted this on Mar 30, 2015

Smart way to engage with your media… wirelessly!



1) Press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 2 seconds to switch the projector on. Press the ‘Power’ button once to check battery status.

2) Use the included micro HDMI cable to connect an HDMI device (such as a smartphone) to the projector.

3) To connect via AirPlay, search for projector access point (AP) “MP-328-XXXXXX” in your Apple device’s Settings < WLAN menu. Connect to projector AP using password “12345678”. Select the projector in AirPlay options and enable “Mirroring”.

4) To connect via Miracast, search and connect to projector AP in your phone’s wireless display settings.

5) If your smartphone is DLNA-enabled, you can access your phone’s media files after connecting to projector AP. You can also install a DLNA streaming app to play your media files via the projector.

Note: To switch between Miracast and DLNA modes, press the “M/D” switch button located next to the volume keys on the projector.

6) To connect to the projector via a router, connect to projector AP and go to from your device’s browser. Click on the Wi-Fi icon and then ‘Scan’. Search and connect to your router AP.



1) When charging the projector, use only a dedicated USB cable or one that can handle current higher than 2.5A.

2) Please use the projector with the included holder. Don't put it on any surface directly when in use.

3) Do not place the projector on shaky surfaces.

4) Do not expose the projector to extreme temperatures or humidity.