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Pocket Projector PRO
Jan 21, 2015

The Pocket Projector Pro, with its display size of 80” at 80 lumens provides all the power of a full size projector. Use the HDMI cable to connect to any media device with an HDMI input, or alternatively use the included MHL adapter and Micro HDMI adapter to plug any MHL compatible device l...

Pocket Projector Premium
Jan 21, 2015

Pocket Projector PremiumFeatures:·      Supports video, music, picture and text·      Supports USB, Micro-SD, VGA, HDMI and AV in·      Supports basic setup (display, language, AC adapter etc.)Specific...

Smartphone Projector
abdul sadiq Mar 5, 2015

Any Smartphone that supports TV OUT like the Galaxy S2 or S3, Note, Motorola Razr, HTC  One or any other can work with the Merlin Smartphone Projector. All your applications, games, presentations and movies (even YouTube) can now be projected to a large 100” screen. DLP TchnologyU...

3D Projector Android
abdul sadiq Mar 22, 2015

Specification Projection Technology : DLPHD Lens : High Antireflection Coating LensOperation System : Android 4.2Display size : 150 inchesResolution : 1280 x 800Luminence : 700 LumensContrast Ratio : 5000 : 1Connectivity : HDMI, AV, VGA, TF Card, USB (suppots USB Hard Disk Data Read), WIFI, WLAN...

WI-FI Projector Pro
abdul sadiq Mar 30, 2015

Smart way to engage with your media… wirelessly!   Instructions 1) Press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 2 seconds to switch the projector on. Press the ‘Power’ button once to check battery status. 2) Use the included micro HDMI cable to connect an HDMI dev...

Pocket Projector 3D
abdul sadiq Jun 18, 2015

Contents 1. Product overview2. Specifications3. Package Contents4. Product layout5. Usage and connectivity5.1 VGA5.2 HDMI5.3 A/V5.4 TF/USB device5.5 AUX Audio6. Projector controls7. Remote control layout8. 3D Playback 79. Projector input source10. Projector setup menu11. Remote control battery in...

abdul sadiq Jun 22, 2015

Care and Safety Information 1. Keep the device and packaging materials out of the reach of infants and children2. Avoid subjecting the power adapter and other contacts to dripping or splashing water and dry your hands before you use it. Do not place objects filled with liquids such as vases, etc...

Pocket Projector Ultra Android
abdul sadiq Jun 25, 2015

Package Content - ProjectorPad- Power Adapter- USB Adapter- Quick Start Guide   Charging the Product- Projector Ultra Android has a built-in 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery for mobile use. Please charge the device for at least 8 hours prior to its first use. Connect one end of the supplied pow...

Wi-Fi Projector Pro ( Black )
Dyun Viray Jan 26, 2016

Instructions:1.) Press and hold the " Power " button for three seconds to switch the projector on.2.) To view content from a USB flash drive in the USB input port at the back of      the projector, and select from the following options in the Home Screen:      " Movi...

Projector Android Lite
april april Jun 20, 2016

Instructions 1)      Connect the provided adapter to the ‘DC’ port at the back of the projector. 2)      Charge the projector for a couple hours before first use. 3)      Place the projector on a flat, level...

10 Item(s)

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