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Solar Car Sun Shade With Fan

abdul sadiq posted this on Jan 31, 2015

Introduction & Features

Front and rear windows with aluminum foil bubble reflective sun shade, side of the block with silver opaque insulating cloth, the whole system opaque, more suitable for a long time the sun protective outdoor parking

1) the use of aluminum foil composite material PE Bubble
2) bubbles thick (3 mm) can fully insulated
3) increase the size of the block will not leak around the UV
4) the back of the foil material can reflect the sun ray
5) can effectively reduce interior temperatures in order to effectively adjust the air fuel
6) sucker thickening, increased use does not fall off, heat-resistant, durable, non-deformation (certified by PAHS)
7) protect the car dashboard, seats, etc., without deterioration due to sun exposure and aging
8) the use of flexible constraints, the collection is more convenient


1) Unfold Solar Sun Shade
2) Use suction cups to attach Sun Shade to inside of car windscreen. Make sure solar panels are facing towards the outside, and fans are facing towards inside of the car
3) Fans will automatically start when Solar panels are charged


NOTE: The windows need to be slightly rolled down for the solar sunshade to work properly. The fans are designed in such a way that the left fan will suck air from outside into the vehicle and the right fan will drive air outside, creating cross ventilation that significantly reduces the temperature in your car.

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