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Wi-Fi Storage

abdul sadiq posted this on Jan 31, 2015

WiFi Storage

The Merlin WiFi Storage creates a local wireless network that makes available the installed HDD’s content to all WiFi devices nearby. We can expand our Smartphone or tablet’s storage exponentially with this portable hard drive


1) supports 2.5 SATA Hard Disk

2) Up to 4 Hours of continuous battery life

3) Supports NTFS/FAT/FAT32

4) Supports Samba/WebDAV

5) Supports windows/Mac/Linux/ios and android

6) Stream media over WiFi enabled devices

7) Supports USB 3.0 Super speed USB Transmission

8) Supports the charging of the external device



When the device is in the shutting down status, connecting with 5v power adapter through USB cable. it will be charged.

2) Data transmission

   When the device is in the shutting down status, connecting it to the USB interface through usb2.0/3.0 cable, the disk light will be lighting .the disk will found in “my computer” and it can be accessed.

3) Charging mobile phone

When the Device is in the shutting down status, connect the phone to the W3000PH “out” USB interface through USB cable, it will begin to charge the phone.


a)     Startup   

Push the power button for 3 seconds, the power LED will be lighting. After 15 seconds, the Wi-Fi light will be twinkling until the W3000 successful startup, the Wi-Fi light will stop twinkle and keep lighting.



Please search the “Wi-Data” in APP store and install. After installation.the”Wi-Data”icon will appear on the desktop.

In the iPhone/iPad configuration menu->Wi-Fi, search and select SSID “wi-Data-xxxx”.default password is “11111111”After successful connection, the WiFi icon will appear on the left top side of the Screen.

After successful connection, please go back to desktop and run “Wi-Data”, the APP will search the W3000PH automatically. Then you can operate it.


Android System

This android Apk is compatible with Android2.x/3.x/4.x.please download and install “AirStor” Apk from Google play store and install. Then the “Air-Stor” icon will appear in the program list.

In the Android system configuration->WLAN,search and connect the “wi-Data-xxx”,After successful connection Now you can find the Wi-Data icon in the desktop and run it.

After Wi-Fi connection, please got o program list, and run “Air-Stor. The apk will search W3000PH automatically. Then you can operate the “AirStor”.


PC/MAC systems

We can visit the W300ph by IE or safari. after successfully connect the W3000PH through WiFi, please input in the address bar, then you can visit the W3000PH.

If  u can’t search the device, please click the “refresh” button to search again until it be found. Now you click the “logging” and it will enter into the program. Default user.admin.default password:[null].