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Wi-Fi Smart Socket

abdul sadiq posted this on Apr 22, 2015


NOTE: Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same Wifi where you want to connect the smart socket.

1. To download the app, simply search for Merlin SmartHome V2 from Apple Store or Play Store. Or scan the QR code attach on the device.

2. To setup the device:

1. Plug the adapter to power socket and the device green led light will blink normally.

2. To configure, open "Merlin smarthome v2" application and select wifi remote list tap on "+" button.

3. Select network configuration, and select one key configuration. In this Windows you can see Wifi name which your mobile connected to it. Just put password.

4. Press and hold the button on the device. Now, The device green light will blink very faster. 5. Now go to the app, click begin after entered password for wifi. Wait 15-20 seconds, you can see the message configuration success in the app.

6. After successful configuration, you can see the Window that shows device details and put security password as you wish(must contain 6 characters). Now you can see the device in the wifi remote list.