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Wi-Fi Bulb

posted this on Mar 30, 2015


1) Connect Wi-Fi Bulb in any normal bulb socket and switch it on.
2) Scan the following QR codes to install Merlin WiBulb app.
3) Search for Wi-Fi Bulb (LEDnet*********) in your phone’s Wi-Fi network and connect to it.

Note: By default, the bulb doesn’t require a password to connect. However, you can create a password for the bulb in the app.

4) Open Merlin WiBulb app and wait while your phone scans for your Wi-Fi Bulb.
5) On the settings page that pops up, click on “Setting” to connect your Wi-Fi Bulb to your home Wi-Fi network.
6) Once connected, wait for Wi-Fi Bulb to restart and then connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi network.
7) Restart Merlin WiBulb app, and your Wi-Fi Bulb should show up in “Devices List”.
8) From “Devices List” page, you can select the bulb that you want to control.
9) To control Wi-Fi Bulb from anywhere in the world, click the gear icon on the top-left corner to enter the settings page. Choose your Wi-Fi Bulb and select “Remote Setting” in the pop-up menu. Check the remote state option to change it from “unopen”. Once Wi-Fi Bulb restarts, you can find it in the “Remote” tab in the “Devices List” page.
10) To use the timer function, select your Wi-Fi Bulb from “Devices List” and click on the alarm icon on the top-right corner (next to the power button). You can set the bulb to switch on/off at a certain time.



1) Do not apply excessive force when inserting/removing the bulb from socket.
2) Do not pour water or other liquids on the bulb.