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posted this on Mar 17, 2015

Mirrors your Smartphone or Tablet Display to any TV

Power on

Connect to TV

Connect one end of an HDMI cable to your TV.

Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI port of the ScreenCast.

Turn on your TV and select the input Make sure the input setting you selected on your TV matches the input you connected the cables to your TV.

Power on EZcast Dongle

ScreenCast Dongle turns on upon power connection. It takes about 40 seconds to complete this process and it enters Home Page. In Home Page it shows the Dongle' s SSID and Password, Internet status, and WIFI connection status icon on the first Row.

On the second row, it shows 3-Step instructions on how to easily use this device.

EZCast SSID: EZCast-xxxxxxxx, password:xxxxxxxx. Each EZcast comes with a Unique SSID with related password. These are for connection of EZcast App to your EZcast dongle.

3 Step to Use EZcast dongle by EZcast App

Step 1:Download EZcast App for your device of windows, Imac, IOS or Android.

  1. For Windows/Mac OS users, you can download, EZCast applications from
  2. For iPhone/iPad users, you can get iOS App by scanning QR code or searching "EZCast" in Apple App Store.
  3. For Android users, you can get Android App by scanning QR code or searching "EZCast" in Google Play.

Step 2: Connect your device to the Dongle by correct SSID and Password

Your device can be Windows PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, smart phone or tablet with android OS 4.0 or later version.

-           Make sure your device' s WIFI is enabled. From the list of wireless SSID available, select EZCast-xxxxxxxx, and input correct Password accordingly to connect your device to the Dongle.

-           Click EZCast App in your device to start it, when above connection completes.

Step 3: Connect ScreenCast Dongle to the Internet by WIFI Setting

Select "Setting" in EZCast App, it will show the Settings for Resolution, Password, Internet, Language and Update on TV, and at the same time in your device is a navigation controller.

-           Click "Right” button on your device, to navigate to "Internet" setting.

-           Click "OK" .It will show an AP List available for selection.

-           Select the AP WIFI by clicking "Up" and "Down" buttons and input password accordingly. Click "OK" key to confirm next step after input password.


Setting the language

The system language of this Dongle can be set to English or other languages. Go to Setting > Language, choose the language you want. The selected language will take effect immediately.


Setting the Resolution

Go to setting > Resolution, choose the adjust resolution which is perfectly work on your TV.


Setting Default Boot up Mode

Navigate to Setting, select options from Default Mode list, to "Set boot default to EZcast" or boot default to EZmirror as default mode after the dongle boots up.

Online Upgrade Setting

After connecting to Internet, the dongle automatically checks for latest firmware update in the settings


Power off

Just unplug the power cable directly.


EZcast Application

After download and installation of EZcast Application, click the icon on your device to launch it.

Note: If your iphpne/ipad or Android device is not connected to EZcast dongle successfully, when you run the EZcast App, it boots up with a screen which provides you with 3 options of EZCast:

-           Select EZCast, once successfully connected to ScreenCast dongle, it directs you to EZCast App home page where you can launch all the features.

-           Select EZCast DEMO, you can learn step by step how to use every of the functionalities of EZCast App comes with.

-           EZCast can also connect to ChroScreenCast and control it like ScreenCast dongle. However, some of the functionalities come with EZCast may not work on ChroScreenCast.

If your iPhone/iPad or Android device is connected to EZCast Dongle with correct SSID and password, when it starts it boots up directly to EZCast Home page with all the features you can use.


Join a Wi-Fi network

-           Go to setting >lnternet>OK, choose your network from the list to get the Internet service, otherwise you could only share the files on your Android device.

-           Once you join a Wi-Fi network, the ScreenCast will automatically connect to it whenever the network is in range. If more than one previously used network is in range, it joins the one last used.

Setting of the language

The system language of ScreenCast can be set to English or other languages. Go to Setting >

Language, choose the language you want. The selected language will take effect immediately.

Setting the resolution

Go to setting > Resolution, choose the adjust resolution which is perfectly work on your TV.

Main features EZCast

Once the connection is successful, the EZCast App turns on and you can see the useful features shown in your Android device.

Photo function

-Photo function, through it, you can mirror your photos in your Android device wirelessly to your TV by clicking the thumbnails.

-In addition, you can use the paint icon O) sketch the photo and use the save icon [S> save the result, or just click the back button on your android device to clear the skech.


Document function

With this function, you can present the document in your Android device wirelessly onto your TV.

EZCast App supports PDF,DOC,PPT,and EXCEL format by clicking the document name.The Sketch function also works for document presentation.

 Web function.

You can surf the Internet and mirror the web pages onto your TV in "Web" function.

You can also fling the news to TV by clicking web news. What's more, the sketch function also works in web pages.


Cloud Storage

The Dongle can directly access to Dropbox and download the information stored in your Dropbox. You can play the photo, music, video or documents from Dropbox in your smart devices, or display them onto TV. When you share some documents or files, you can also save the drafts after make marks in the files, such as photo, exl file or word..etc.


Cloud Video function

You can push the video to TV directly by clicking the web video.


Camera function

Camera, through it, you can mirror the camera photographing onto your TV and you can change the 'Quality" setting by clicking"Quality"and switching the front and back camera by clicking E3 Cl snapshots and you can use the sketch pen to add note onto the result.


Music & Video

Music/Video Streaming, through them, you can stream your own music and video wirelessly to your TV. You can select the music and video via your favorite video browsing App.



When the Dongle is connected to Internet, click ' Live ' icon, the dongle will provide you with a list of frequently-used live channels available on the Internet.


 Social networking:

Click "Social networking" , the dongle will provide you with some links of popular social networking. You can easily visit your favorite social networks, such as "Facebook" .



 This dongle support DLNA DRM function. That stands for Digital Living Network Alliance Digital Media Renderer. That means you can share files from the Internet or In your device to the TV through DLNA. When you select DLNA function in the EZcast App, it will search for all the DLNA compatible Applications in your android device and pops up the list in a new window. Select the Application you installed or like to install to your device to start playing video, music or photo. Remember to turn on DLNA DRM in the application



Most of android smart phones/ tablets come with Miracast function. Miracast standard mirrors the smart phone/ tablet' s screen onto the display (i.e. TV). ScreenCast also integrates Miracast functionality for the smartphone and tablet supporting Miracast. After you turn "ON" miracast, EZCast App will directly connect to the ScreenCast if your Android device is recognized. Otherwise, the ScreenCast will wait for your Miracast connection for 60 seconds. If there is no connection in 60 seconds, EZCast App will set back to normal wifi configuration,that is, AP mode with SSID and password.Display device(i.e.TV) will display how to connect miracast. Remember to turn on your smart phone or tablet' s Miracast in settings.