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3D Projector Android FAQ

abdul sadiq posted this on Jan 21, 2015


The screen is not being displayed. What could be the problem?

- Check if the power cable is properly connected to the wall socket. Check if the appropriate adaptor is connected to the DC in cable. If projector is still not turning on, press the power button at the back of the unit.

How do I connect my media device via HDMI or VGA?

- To use the HDMI option, you will require an HDMI cable. Insert HDMI cable to media device/PC/HDMI supporting device, and then connect HDMI cable to HDMI port at the back of the unit. Select HDMI option in the user interface. Similarly for the VGA option, a VGA cable needs to be attached from the media device to the projector and the VGA option must be selected in the user interface.

How do I connect to WIFI through the 3D Projector?

- Select the WIFI option in Network settings in the user interface under settings. Turn on WIFI in the options. Go under SSID option, a list of available networks will show up. Connect to the appropriate wireless network.

How do I connect to LAN through the 3D projector?

- Connect LAN cable to the LAN port located at the back of the unit. Go in the settings option, and click the Network option. It will automatically connect.

I have inserted the TF card before or after machine was started. TF card can’t be recognized, why?

- The TF card needs to be formatted into FAT32 or NTFS.

The network cable is connected correctly, but can’t open website? There is nothing wrong with network cable after testing on PC.

- Turn off Wi-Fi in ’’Wireless setting” select “get IP address automatically” in IP setting. You can surf internet if you can see the network status.

Projector can recognize and connect WIFI, but can’t connect to the internet?

- There can’t be any Chinese character in your Wi-Fi name.

How do I transfer pictures from PC to projector?

- Download program Splash top Remote, install and run the program. Then run the app “remote desktop” in projector (if there is no “remote desktop” in your computer, download and run it). Find your PC equipment, and connect it.

The projector screen is not complete when connected with laptop wirelessly. Upper part of laptop screen always can’t be displayed?

- Go to “Remote Desktop”, select the matched resolution of your laptop from the advanced options in toolbar. You can also set the resolution of your laptop directly.

Device can’t be searched by U-Console?

- Check whether the projector and phone are in the same LAN or Wi-Fi Network

How do I transfer pictures, music and video from iPhone?

- iPhone has built in Air Play, open the picture, music or video, an icon 3 will appear at the bottom of iPhone screen, Click the icon to select the device, if does not appear, check whether iPhone and projector are in the same LAN.

Why does android, xxx stop responding?

- The projector does not release ROOT privileges to install antivirus software or memory monitoring software. This will cause a conflict.

The projector is not powering up.

- Check if the power adapter is properly connected.

The display is not working.

- Ensure that display cables are connected properly. Open the ‘Source’ menu and select the correct source.

The display isn’t clear.

- Adjust focus using the focus ring.

3D effect is not working.

- Ensure that you’ve selected the correct 3D mode from the ‘Display’ menu.

The projector is not responding.

- Turn the projector off, disconnect the power cable, and reconnect after a couple of minutes.

I can’t hear anything from the projector’s built-in speaker.

- Ensure that the device/source volume is not set at zero.


 How can I know My device is MHL enabled or not 




- Below is the link to check the MHL supported devices.



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