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Pocket Projector PRO

posted this on Jan 21, 2015

The Pocket Projector Pro, with its display size of 80” at 80 lumens provides all the power of a full size projector. Use the HDMI cable to connect to any media device with an HDMI input, or alternatively use the included MHL adapter and Micro HDMI adapter to plug any MHL compatible device like the Samsung Galaxy, HTC Once or Motorola Razr. The Pocket Projector Pro can also be used with most laptops and gaming consoles. Project your video games with spectacular picture quality that the whole family can enjoy.

The Pocket Projector Pro has a rechargeable battery that can produce 20,000 hours of lamp life. That means over 10 years of use at zero run cost to give you your money’s worth. Display presentations, websites, videos, YouTube clips and video games responsibly, because the Pocket Projector Pro is also environmentally friendly, energy saving and produces zero radiation. With its portable design the Pocket Projector Pro, with a tripod that comes included with each purchase, is capable of rotating at an angle of 360°, enabling you to watch movies and TV on walls and ceilings while lying in bed



• This product supports the HDMI signal input only; other form of signal cannot be input using any form of cable or adapter converting to HDMI signal.
• Supports DC12V Adapter power supply. It can be operated while its battery is being charged. Once fully charged, the battery projection time is more than 1.5 hours.
• The standard USB connector is able to provide power to external devices (such as mobile phones) with charging, which is less than 5v/500mA.
• The touch key panel supports the function of mode switch and volume control.
• To switch between movie and presentation modes, long press the “M” key.
• For volume control, slide your finger clock wise and anti clock wise hence increasing/reducing the volume respectively.
• For clear focus, manually tune the focusing wheel until the the picture is clear.



Product dimensions: 99.5*99*
Brightness of projection: 80 lumens
Projection image size: (recommended) 10”~60”
Projection distance: (recommended):360m~2200mm
Contrast: 1000:1
Resolution: 854*480(WVGA)
Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
Charger specification: DC 12V 1500MA
Built-in Battery: 3.7v/3800mA
Battery projection Time :> 1.5 hours
Built-in loud speaker: There are two 1W loud speakers