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Pocket Projector Premium

posted this on Jan 21, 2015

Pocket Projector Premium

·      Supports video, music, picture and text
·      Supports USB, Micro-SD, VGA, HDMI and AV in
·      Supports basic setup (display, language, AC adapter etc.)

Brightness                  :         50 Lumens (AC mode), 30 Lumens (Battery mode)
Displayable Colors        :         NTSC
Display System           :          DLP
Lamp                         :         RGB LED
HDMI                         :         HDMI port (compatible with HDMI 1.3)
Computer                   :         VGA
USB                           :         USB port
Micro SD                    :         Micro SD slot
Audio                         :         3.5mm stereo mini-jack

File Formats Supported:
Text – TXT

Control Buttons:
Power button - Long press to turn the projector on and off
Up arrow (Λ) - Long press to turn the menu on and off. When in Menu, scroll the files up (UP). When playing videos, fast forward (FastF).
Down arrow (V) - Long press to pause and return to previous menu level. When in menu, scroll the files down (Down). When playing videos, fast reverse (FastR).
Left arrow (<) – Long press to decrease the volume. When playing videos, move to previous file (Skipb). When in menu, move to previous file (Left). When playing photos to rotate left 90 degrees.
Right arrow(>) – Long press to increase the volume. When playing videos, move to next file. When in Menu, move to next file, when playing photos, rotate right 90 degrees
Enter Button – When in menu, confirm a selected function. When playing music/video, pause or play it. When playing files, option selection box pop up.
Touchpad backlight button instruction (blue LED)
-       The backlight will blink when the power is on. The projector is on when light is on. Please un-press the               button.    

-       The backlight will be on when any button is touched.
-       The backlight will stay on for 3 seconds if no other button is pressed.
-       The backlight will go off in other circumstances.

How it works:
Your portable projector works with USB flash disk, micro-SD card, and a variety of digital devices, including PCs, laptops, TV set-up boxes, DVD, game consoles, MP3/MP4, digital video cameras that output video signals, smartphone, audio equipments with audio-out jack.

Connecting to VGA Device

Connect the VGA cable to the PC/laptop and the VGA out port on the projector. Please use a dedicated cable. Failure to do so could result in working problems. The projector will auto adjust the setting when output unsupported resolution.

Connecting to HDMI Device

Connect the HDMI cable to the device and the HDMI out port on the projector. Please shift to HDMI out mode when

connecting to a HDMI device. The highest supported resolution is 1080P.

Connecting to AV device

Connect the AV cable to the device and the AV out port on the projector.

Using Micro SD card or USB Memory

Insert a micro-SD card into the micro-SD card slot on the projector. Insert the USB flash drive with USB adapter into the USB port on the projector. A smartphone with USB out is supported.

Connecting to An External Speaker or Ear phone
Connect to an audio cable from an external speaker system/earphone to the headphone output on the projector.

Battery Status and Charging
When using the projector with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the battery should be fully charged before using the projector. Or connect the projector to your power source using the provided AC power adapter. The battery needs to be charged for about four hours if fully discharged.
Battery status is according to small LED light which is near to Touch Buttons.
LED indications:
Standby mode - Red (off), Green (off)
Charging mode - Red (on), Green (off)
Charge complete – Red (off), Green (on)
Low battery/no battery - Red (off), Green (Blinking)