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M70 Android Watch Phone

abdul sadiq posted this on Dec 20, 2014


· Screen Resolution: 240x240 pixels
· Android Version: 4.4.2 Operating system
· Built-in GPS
· Processor: MTK 6572 chips
· Camera: 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera
· Memory: 8GB
· Bluetooth 4.0
· Wi-Fi
· USB 2.0

How to use the Product

USB port is on the side of the watch, can be used for headphones, USB cable or as a charging port

SIM Card installation and removal follow these simple steps:
- Please put the SIM card in a safe place away from children
- Please insert the SIM card into the dedicated slot located on the side of the watch
- Please follow the small sign to insert the card in the right position
- Bent or improper operation may damage the SIM card, when you insert and remove the SIM card, please execute with care
- This watch's SIM card corresponds to the GSM and 3G network

Charging the Battery
- Insert the charging plug of the charger to the watch's USB port.
Note: When Battery is low, the screen will display warning information, when battery is empty watch phone will automatically turn off. Don't keep the battery empty for a long time, it will damage the quality & longevity of the battery. Use the designated charger to ensure the watch to work well.

Power ON/OFF
- Power on/off button is at the top left (next to camera), Long press to turn on/off, Short press to dark/bright screen
Note: Where mobiles are banned or using mobiles may cause interference and danger, then please don't turn on your device

Volume Button
- Volume button is on the left, at bottom next to speakers, Press "return" to volume control function, Slide on the screen to adjust the volume

Standby interface and clock
Analog clock: Press "power on" button shortly to turn on/off the analog clock
Main Menu: When the watch is on standby, slide the screen to enter Main Menu

Status Bar
- Slide down from the top of the screen to drag the status bar, click on the upper right corner of the icon view WIFI, Bluetooth, Battery power, GPS State. Slide-up to put away the status bar.
Note: To save battery, after use turn off GPS WiFi Bluetooth and returns to the standby mode



Settings Menu
1) Wireless & Network: Setup WLAN (Wifi), Blueooth, traffic usage
2) Device: Set the Scene Mode, Display, Storage, Batteries
3) Personal: Set Location information, save languages and input Methods, backing up and resetting and adding account
4) System: Set the date and time, accessibility features, timer and developer options about cell phones

Other Features are as follows:
- People
- Messaging
- Camera
- Browser
- Gallery
- Lock Screen
- File Manager
- Music
- Sound Recorder
- Clock
- Calculator
- Calendar
- Videos

Airplane Mode
- Long press "Power on/off" button will display the operation interface: Power Off; Restart; Airplane mode and at the bottom, there are: Silent mode, Vibrate mode, Normal mode. Choose the "Airplane Mode"

Connect to PC
- Watch will auto charge when connected to PC
- Watch can be used as a u-disk

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