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Watch Phone M50 FAQ

Dyun Viray posted this on Mar 5, 2015
Q) What we do when watch phone react slowly when touch screen?
A) Touch Screen have no proper adjustment, adjust screen. Try touching calibration in watch phone.
Q) SD card not detecting?
A) Check the card is inserted properly or not.
Q) Power on failure?
A) Try to charge the battery for at least 15 minutes, otherwise check with other fully charged battery.
Q) Cannot connect to a network?
A) Out of network coverage area, try to use outdoor to check network signal. Check the SIM is inserted properly into SIM slot. May be SIM is not supporting, contact network provider.
Q) BT device not working?
A) Charge the BT.
Q) BT is not pairing?
A) Initialize the BT function in watch phone. Make sure device on the pairing mode.
Q) Video not playing?
A) Check the video format which is supported by this watch phone, otherwise Check the files copied into the root folder.
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