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IntelliBot FAQ

april april posted this on Jun 25, 2016
Q) How to turn on and pair the device?

A) Charge the unit with the given charging Cable and turn it On by Button

2) Turn on remote, after the LED lights on the robot face will turn on, the connection is complete.

Q) What is Avoidance Mode?
A) Using Infrared sensor, the Robot will sense objects in front and will change the direction accordingly.
Q) What is Dance Mode?
A) In this mode, the robot will start dance with the Built-in Music.
Q) What is Human Computer Mode?
A) Human computer mode will allow you to control the Robot by remote and gesture.
Q) How do I control the speed of Robot?
A) You can control the speed of the robot by adjusting the speed button on the remote.
Q) What if the robot is not moving?
A) Make sure that the robot is connected with the remote and both devices are fully charge.