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Dynamo Power Bank

posted this on Jan 31, 2015

Package Contents

- Dynamo Solar Power Bank
- Instruction and Procedure
- Micro USB Cable


- Built in Battery Capacity: 2200mAh Li-Polymer Cell
- Input: Micro USB cable: 5v <= 1000mA
- Dynamo: <= 700mA/h (RPM Av = 500mA/h)
- Solar: <= 100mAh Output: 5v <= 1000mA

How to

Use with a Device
– Use a respective USB cable, and then connect any device which meet the output of the Dynamo Solar Power Bank for charging and can be charged thru USB. Four Blue LED lights indicate how much charged left.

Charge the Dynamo Solar Power Bank
- Thru Micro USB – You need to use a Micro USB for connecting the Dynamo Solar Power Bank to a USB Port or 5V Adapter. While on charging state, Four LED lights will light up showing how much charge it has already.
- Thru Solar Panel – You can just put the Dynamo Solar Power Bank under the Sun with Solar Panel facing the Sun for about 22 Hours with continuous clear light.
- By using the Dynamo – Hold the body of the Power Bank with one hand and the other hand on the Dynamo’s handle. Make sure that your hand does not obstruct the rotation area of the Dynamo’s Handle then rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise with normal speed. With this it will take up to 3 – 4 hours of non-stop rotation for it to be fully charged.

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