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Audiova Conduction Headphones

abdul sadiq posted this on Jan 21, 2015

Appearance and functions

1. Play & Pause button
2. Call button
3. MIC
4. Micro USB port for charge
5. Power on/off switch
6. LED indicator
7. VOL- button: short press to decrease volume, long press to switch to previous song
8. VOL+ button: short press to increase volume, long press to switch to next song

How to Charge
- Connect the headphone to your PC via the Micro USB Cable attached in the package.
- The headphone will be fully charged in 3 hours.
- The LED indicator show in red during charging, and turns into blue when fully charged.
1. It is strongly recommended to full charge the headphone before the first time use.
2. The headphone is not workable during charging.
3. It is recommended to charge once each month to extend the battery life if you don’t use it for long time.

Bluetooth pairing
1. Slide the Power Switch to the “ON” position.
2. In the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone or other device with Bluetooth function, search for Bluetooth devices, and select “Bluetooth headphone”.
If it’s the first time pairing, the headphone will enter the pairing mode automatically. The LED indicator will flash in blue and red.
The headphone will automatically re-pair with a device that was previously paired in approximately 18 seconds. The LED indicator will flash in blue when paired.
If the headphone pair with other mobile phones press and hold “play” button for 5 seconds, it will enter into manual pairing mode. LED indicator will flash between blue and red alternately.
1. If out of range while connected to a device (more than 33 feet/10 meters). The headphone will disconnect from the device.  Once it’s back within the valid range, it will reconnect automatically. However, if the headphone is disconnected for a long time (more than 3 minutes), you may need to press any button on the headphone, to reconnect the device.
2.     If the paired device is turned off while connected to the headphone, it will disconnect. When you turn on the device again, just press any button on the headphone to reconnect.

LED Indicator Color Status
Red (quick flash) - Low power
Red (solid) - charging
Blue (solid) - Charging complete
Blue and Red (flash) - Pairing
Blue (slow double flash) - Headphone and the paired device are not connected. The device may not turned on, or their distance are more than 33 feet (10m)
Blue (slow flash) - Connected, making a call or playing audio
Blue (quick flash) - Receiving a call

Basic Operation
Operation - Earphone control - Tone
Pick up calls - Click call button - Buzz once
End calls - Click call button - Buzz once
Refuse calls - Long press call button for 1 second - Buzz once
Transfer call to mobile phone - Long press call button for 1 second while calling - Buzz once
Redial last call - Double click call button - Buzz twice
Voice control - Long press call button - Buzz once
Volume control - Click volume button “+”/ “-” - N/A
Play/Pause music on mobile phone - Press play button once - N/A
Previous/Next song - Press & hold button “+”/ “-” for 2 seconds - N/A
Power on - Slide power switch to ON position - yes
Power off - Slide power switch to OFF position - yes
Bluetooth disconnected - yes
Bluetooth connected - yes
Low power - yes


Speak type: Bone conduction technology speaker
Display hours: 6 hours (theoretical value, practically depend on using circumstances)
Charging time: within 3 hours
Standby time: 10 days
Effective range: 10 meters (33 feet)
Bluetooth version: 3.0+EDR
Weight: 43g/1.5 ounce