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7" Tablet PC Lite

abdul sadiq posted this on Apr 11, 2015

The Merlin Tablet PC Lite is the perfect tablet for light weight tasks – like surfing the web, playing games, checking recipes or work documents or for education and learning. A Parents Dashboard that provides total parental control with time management, Safe web surfing and advance web filtering is provided. Allowing parents to relax while kids enjoy this tablet.

Key Features
1) Portability (can work from everywhere and smll enough to put in handbags);
2) Small weight (lighter than most laptops);
3) A flexible screen (You can choose to place the screen in landscape or portrait.);
4) An attractive design;
5) The handwriting recognition;
6) Built‐in camera; Convenient front‐facing camera
7) Reading books in the e-Pub format requires the included E‐book reader application.
8) Portable powerhouse plays popular music, video, and photo formats
9) Micro-SD memory card reader Increase your storage capacity (up to 32 GB supported)
10) Watch YouTube™ videos or Browse the world’s most popular video sharing community
11) Connect to the Internet wirelessly; High‐speed Wi‐Fi 802.11 b/g/n networking

Turning the Tablet on or off
To turn the Tablet on:
Press and hold the Power key until the LCD screen turns on. Wait until the
Home screen appears; the tablet is now ready for use. To turn the tablet off:
1. Press and hold the Power key until the Device Options menu appears.
2. Touch ok the screen to turn off the tablet.

Turning the Screen On or off (Standby)
When the tablet is on, you can turn off the screen to conserve battery power. Simply press the Power key once to turn the screen off. Press the Power key again to turn the screen back on.

About Applications
To open an application, touch the application icon on the home screen or in the Launcher where you can tap the icon right up on the home screen to get in.

Preinstalled Applications
Some applications have been installed on your tablet for your convenience.

These applications include:
•    Browse the web
•    Perform simple mathematical operations
•    Take pictures or videos with the front facing camera
•    Check your e‐mail
•    Play music
•    Access the Settings menu to adjust the tablet’s options

Installing Applications
You can also download and install applications available online.
The tablet must be set to allow installation of applications from unknown sources.  The   Unknown  sources  option  can   be   set   in   the Application settings menu.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network
Turn on the Wi‐Fi radio if it is not already on. To turn on Wi‐Fi:
a. Go to the home screen: Press the home key
b. Open the settings menu: tap the icon right up on the home screen to get into the launcher, then touch Settings     icon.
c. Open the wireless & networks menu: Slide the icon to ON status. When Wi‐Fi is on, the tablet will look for and     display a list of available  Wi‐Fi networks.

Connecting to a computer
1. Connect your tablet to the computer. With the included USB cable: Plug the small end of the cable into the           USB 2.0 high speed connector of the tablet. Plug the large end of the cable into an available USB 2.0 high           speed port on the computer.
2. When your tablet is connected, slide up the USB icon right down on the screen and the touch the icon USB           connected.
3. Mount the storage. Touch button Turn on USB storage to mount the tablet’s built‐in storage. When it is                 mounted, you can copy files to or from your table

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