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Wireless Health Scale

posted this on Jan 31, 2015

Digital Health Scale


The Merlin Wireless Health Scale is no ordinary weighing scale. It also measures your body fat percentage and calculates your BMI, and relays these results via Bluetooth to your iPhone/iPad which can then create a chart of your progress, based on your goals.


  1. Measure and calculate Body weight, Body fat and BMI.
  2. Syncronization With iOS devices & Android Devices
  3. Instantly share your result on social websites.
  4. Support multiple users pofile for data logging.

What is BMI.

The body mass index (BMI ) is a physical measurement used to assess an individual's total amount of body fat. The BMI was invented by Belgian polymath Adolphe Quetelet in the 1800s, and consequently issometimes known as the Quetelet index. The BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in metres squared (m2). The BMI scores give an indirect measure of body fat. Depending on the BMI value calculated you may be underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. The cut off values are as follows:




< 18.5



Normal weight






Severely obese (also referred to as Obese Class 1)


Morbidly obese (also referred to as Obese Class 2)

> 50.0

Super obese (also referred to as Obese Class 3)


             Merlin Health Scale can work with both Apple iOS and Android Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices.

  1. Launch the app store and download the "witscale body fat" application in your device
  2. Now launch the Witscale body fat application in your mobile/apple device and  creat a user account by entering your correct hieght and date of birth. Multiple users can make theire profile.
  3. Now move the battery panel located on the bottom of the scale. Install 3x AAA batteries that are supplied.  The scale LCD will light up for 2 seconds to confirm that the device is now functional.
  4. Now in your mobile/apple device  turn on your bluetooth then launch the aplication. Then turn on the scale by stepping on it. Your body weight will show on scale LCD.
  5. Then you will be asked to confirm the connection with Merlin Health scale by your apple device tap "yes"  now your body weight and body fat and BMI reading will show on your mobile/apple device screen.
  6. You can save this reading by tapping the "save" icon.these will then be logged to your profile and be used for creating graphs of your progress. 

Safety Precaution.

ñ  The scale weight tolerance is 75 KG-150 KG. Please adhere to thid range to avoid causing any damage.

ñ  Do not place anything on the scale while not in use.

ñ  This scale is to be used to measure the body weight of human bieng. Do not use for other purpose.

ñ  Use soft fabric cloth to clean the scale without any cleaning agents.

ñ  Always stand in the centre of the scale for a correct reading and do not operate whilst wet.

ñ  For an accurate reading use scale on flate and plane hard surface.

ñ  Store the scale in cool and dry place. Do not expose to extreme temprature or moisture.

ñ  Never jump or bounce on the scale. Do not shake  or try to disassemle the scale.

ñ  Do not apply pressure on the LCD screen.

ñ  The  " LO" display reading indicates that the battery power is running low. Simply replace the batteries with fresh one the display weight unit will revert to defualt (LB) when the batteries are replaced. We can change that LB in to KG and ST by pressing the button that is located downside of scale. Near battery panel.

ñ  The "Err" display reading indicate that weight exceed limit. User must step off immidiately.