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Karaoke Station FAQ & Troubleshooting

posted this on Jan 21, 2015

Karaoke Station

The Merlin Karaoke Station is an amazing device that is loaded with fun.

Featuring a speaker dock and two mic simply place your mobile device in the dock and play songs from any karaoke app that can be found on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

There are thousands of Karaoke songs also available on Youtube.

Simply download a Karaoke/Instrumental Song, play from your phone, connect the Karaoke Station and Sing along..!!

Sing either individually or with a partner. It’s a great way to get a party started or as a way to enjoy an activity with your family and friends.


You can also download Karaoke/Instrumental Songs from YouTube, save it to your phone and play from the video player by inserting the in-built cable to the mobile phone audio jack.


1) Not getting Audio output from smart phones and Tablet.

Please check the Audio cable is properly connected or not.

2) Not turning on the Device?

Device will work two ways one is through Adapter and another through Battery.

Check the Battery and Adapter whether its working or not.

3) Mic is not working?

Please check whether its properly inserted or not.

4) Does it support Bluetooth?

No its not support Bluetooth, Its supporting only 3.5 mm Connector.



If you are experiencing problems with your AppStar Karaoke Machine here are some quick and easy checks that you can carry out, which may help to resolve the problem.

No Power

  • Please ensure that the power adaptor is connected correctly to the rear of the unit and that it is correctly plugged into the socket and that the socket is turned on.
  • If running from batteries ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly and the right way round. The batteries may have reached the end of their life and need replacing.
  • Please ensure that the power switch on the front of the unit is set to ON.

No sound

  • Please ensure that the unit is switched on and is being powered correctly.
  • Check that the AUX cable is correctly connected to your device.
  • Adjust the volume using the volume control on the front of the unit.
  • Adjust the volume on your device using the appropriate controls.
  • Ensure that the microphones are switched on, adjust the volume on the microphones using the rotary switch.
  • Ensure that any sound on your device has not been muted.
  • Check that your device is powered on and is currently in a position to play sound.
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