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ITheatre VR 3D

abdul sadiq posted this on Dec 20, 2014

The Merlin I Theatre VR 3D will make any movie come to life with its 3D technology and astounding 98” TFT LCD display. Its connectivity will give you the option to choose from a wide variety of inputs including HDMI and VGA. Its Next Gen sound quality, in combination with the immersive 3D display, will take you to a whole new dimension of audio visual experience.
The Merlin I Theatre VR 3D uses High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) which gives you prominent video quality so that you can witness, feel and immerse yourself in your favorite 2D or 3D movies. The same technology also empowers you to plug ‘n play your favorite content anytime. The I Theatre VR 3D is designed to give you streamlined connectivity and can connect to any HDMI compliant device including your smart phone, TVs, gaming stations etc. With its -15 to 15 degree viewing angle, you can watch your favorite content hassle free.


In Depth Virtual Size: 98inch TFT-LCD virtual Display (2m away)
LCD Resolution: 854x480 pixels
2D/3D format: Support 2D, side by side 3D movies and 3D games
Viewing Angle: -15 degrees to 15 degrees
Contrast: 16:9
Color depth: 24Bit
3D format: Support left and right format, right and left format
Battery: 3.7V, 800mAh Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Battery Duration: 3 Hours
Power consumption:<450mWa
Video Format: NTSC / PAL / SECAM automatic selection
MP3 Bit rate: 64K bps - 320K bps
WMA Bit rate: 64K bps - 384K bps
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20Khz
SNR: >85dB
Working temperature:-5˚C~ 40˚C
Dimensions: 170 x 35 x 30 mm
Weight: 80g (exclusive earphones)
Connecting devices
●Connecting devices with VGA such as desktop and laptop: Connect the VGA terminal, Audio terminal and USB terminal of the VGA converter cable with the according port on PC, the other end connect with the video glasses.
●Connecting with devices with 3.5mm circle jack AV out function such as mobile phone, MP4, PMP, PSP etc: Connect the AV converter cable to the circle jack port, the other end connect with the according port of the video glasses.
●Connecting with the devices with RCA etc AV OUT function such as TV, Set top box and DVD. Connect the circle jack with the RCA converter cable, and then connect the three RCA terminal cable to the end device.
●The item can be connected with iphone4/4s, ipad1/2, iPhone 5 etc apple devices; the converter cable is selectable accessories. It will work by connecting with the according converter cable.

1. Connecting with the device correctly:
Turn on the power, the searching the signal status will start to show, if the video is searched the video signal will display image. If not, it will show “NO INPUT”. At this moment, Please check the device whether there is signal output or not (some devices are needed to set up before output)
2. When image is displayed, the brightness, contrast, image quality and volume can be adjusted.
3. When you wish to play a 3D side by side format, press the button “+/3D” which will convert into 3D mode.
The top left corner will show “[email protected] 3D”. Please do not convert a 2D video source to 3D, or you will feel dizziness.

The item can be charged by the PC USB port or USB charger (5V/500mA), Connect the charging line correctly, insert the “DC IN” port. The indicator light will turn red, which means its charging, and it will shut off when full charged. It usually takes 3 hours for a full charge.
Notice: The port “DC IN” is for charging, and the product can be charged when connect with av port. However, Please don’t charge through “DC IN” when connect with VGA port, because there is power supply for VGA port inside.