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Truly creepy

The i-Spider is compatible with all devices. It can be controlled through your smart-phones or your tablets via bluetooth up to a range of 6 meters! That means that your unsuspecting friends wont even know you are around when the i-spider creeps up on them. With it's 4 point movement that make the i-Spider go forward, backward, left and right, you will have complete control of the i-Spider through the ultra responsive app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. Make the i-Spider walk across desks, carpets, wooden floors and much more. The i-Spider even has flashing heartbeat eyes for extra shock value!




  • 6 Meter control range
  • Flashing heartbeat eyes 
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • 4 point movement


This realistic spider can be controlled using a special infrared receiver. With its outstanding range of 6 meters, you can creep up on unsuspecting friends from a distance. Its compact and ergonomic design makes the iBeetle impossible to distinguish from a real insect. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPhone, its Hi-tech design allows the iSpider to navigate around obstacles such as desks, carpets or floors. It’s very easy to control with only four buttons that moves it forward, backwards, left or right.

Complete control

The i-Spider can be controlled through a variety of Apple devices, namely your iPhone, iPad and iPod. With so many different devices that can host the i-Spider control app there is no shortage of options available to sneak up on your unsuspecting friends, whether to amuse or astonish. The i-Spider also has different control options, meaning that you can either use the touchscreen to control this bug or gravity (motion) controlled modes

Charge it up

The i-Spider has a rechargeable mechanism that can be controlled through any device that has a USB port. Simply plug the i-Spider in and wait a few more moments for it to spark back to life!

Go the distance

The i-Spider has an amazing 6 meter range. With it's intuitive and responsive control you can be at a distance and the i-Spider will totally respond to your commands as they are given through the dedicated i-Spider app. Download the free app from iTunes and turn this miniature insect into one of the most exciting RC toys ever.

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Free Shipping N/A
In Depth • 6 Meter Control Range
• Flashing Heartbeat Eyes
• Compatible with Apple & Android Devices
• 4 Point Movement
Dimensions No
Weight No

ISpider FAQ

Q) Device not turning on?
A) Check if 4 pcs. AA batteries are inserted properly.
Q) Turn on ON/OFF switch If the iSpider is not responding to the application?
A) Check if the Bluetooth is connected with device or not.
Q) BT is not connecting?
A) Check the BT distance (works up-to 6 meters only), Check that the battery is not low.
Q) Connected everything but not moving?
A) Check the wheels if they’re physically damaged or not.

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