Bedrooms: 1 | Bathrooms: 1 | Interior: 18.04 m2 | Exterior: 6.98 m2


Our Tunnel Homes are an economical and easy and fast solution to implement, which adapts to any type of project, whether housing, tourism, offices, warehouses, camps, among many other uses. For its simplicity of design, our Tunnels are mounted in a single day and offer a very comfortable, spacious, fresh and illuminated interior space.

Tunnel Homes are very structural because they combine facades in traditional construction with our arches or vaults in fiber reinforced composites, which translates into habitable spaces resistant to hurricane winds, earthquakes and in general ideal for extreme weather situations. In Green Magic Homes we keep innovating continuously looking for practical solutions and a beauty difficult to match.

• High efficiency & energy saving construction
• Eco-friendly manufacturing
• Easy fast assembly
• Freshly airy and full of natural light inside
• Reduces heating and cooling bills and maintenance
• Our GMH structure is a perfect waterproof barrier
• Green roofs and walls, passive solar design
• Carbon footprint reduction
• Modular construction system consisting of a lightweight strong shell
• Aerospace materials, resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather
• Endless range of possible variations in design