Green Magic Homes has created a collection of beautiful Gazebos of different sizes, to be installed and enjoyed in outdoor areas such as pool areas, patios, hotels, beach, parks, camping areas, clubs, among many others. Our Gazebos offer open spaces ideal to cover livingrooms, play areas, jacuzzi, areas of Spa and massage, etc.

Being covered with soil, grass and natural gardens, its interior is very fresh and pleasant and invites you to stay indoors comfortably. The installation time is one day, does not need any type of paint, because its interior finish is totally neat and beautiful. It blends perfectly with hardwood, concrete, marble, tile and in general with any type of floor that you want to install. In Green Magic Homes, we are innovative and entrepreneurial by constantly creating new designs and new products employing the latest technology.

High efficiency & energy saving construction
Eco-friendly manufacturing
Easy fast assembly
Freshly airy and full of natural light inside
Reduces heating and cooling bills and maintenance
Our GMH structure is a perfect waterproof barrier
Green roofs and walls, passive solar design
Carbon footprint reduction
Modular construction system consisting of a lightweight strong shell
Aerospace materials, resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather
Endless range of possible variations in design