We know how important your new home is to you, especially when you are about to change your life through our revolutionary technology.

Want to do build a Green Magic Home yourself?

Our revolutionary construction system is fast, efficient and very durable; but requires a certain amount of professional skill and ability to obtain optimum results. If you are interested in having a home with our technology find look at the CERTIFIED BUILDER section to find one in your area.

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Here you will find answers to your main concerns. If you contact us we  are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about Green Magic Homes.

For pricing of our technology, please go to the contact, fill out the form and you will get your answer in few minutes with the prices of all our models, technical data sheet, catalog and much more. A complete unit will cost 2 to 3.5 times the cost of the components depending on the location of the build, cost of additional materials and labor. The foundation, electrical and plumbing, along with the interior finish and exterior sealing, berming and planting will be installed a certified builder and/or construction professionals.

Green Magic Homes provides the structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer components, with an option to include galvanized nuts, bolts, expansion bolts and adhesive, Along with custom design services. We also provide a complete set of floor plans, with all the details of the technology, structural calculation reports, foundation design, technical installations (hydraulic, electrical and water sewing floor plans) and full assembly instructions.

Not included are all interior floors, walls, cabinets, fixtures and appliances, which you and your contractor can add based on your design requirements. You are responsible for getting a local building permit and covering the cost of any extra engineering as required by your local building dept.

All technical pipeline connections are, as in any standard house, included within the slab foundation. With our technology, the components include ducts and electrical wiring boxes. All plumbing, sewage and gas facilities are directly connected through the foundation.

Yes, easily. in general terms, air conditioning and heating systems are supremely efficient in the Green Magic Home system, due to its thermal qualities. You can use radiant floor heating systems, electric wall mount units or even wood buring stoves.

No, we provide the exterior shell, which, when covered with soil, grass and natural gardens, allows you to live in harmony with the environment. Exterior windows can also be purchased through us.

No. We are the manufacturers of the technology. Through a Certified Builder you can own a Green Magic Home. Certified Builders are qualified building professionals in your area who can help with the building and assembly of the Green Magic Homes structures.

No, we will provide design plans for the windows and doors so double pane glass and any kind of custom doors and windows can be ordered from a local supplier.

Yes, full size interior walls can be included in the design, as in any standard house. We do not provide the interior walls, this is something your builder will construct.

Yes. Green Magic Homes delivers finished modules which can be painted after a light sanding with acrylic paint or other similar quality paint.

Yes. The system supports the connection of additional modules, but future growth should be planned from the beginning so the appropriate parts can be left in place.

Not everywhere, but most of the times, yes, permits are needed. Our technology is an innovative construction system that meets all standards of earthquake resistance, wind loads and fire resistance, to be approved in any country in the world. Talk to your local building department for their requirements.

It depends on the size and complexity of the individual Green Magic Home. A one bedroom cabin can take 3 people 3 days to assemble and seal, while a 3 bedroom house may take 5 or 6 days.

No. To blend with your environment, you will want to use the soil and plants native to your area. We provide a construction manual which includes everything you need to know how to cover your Green Magic Home with soil, grass and beautiful natural gardens.

The type of vegetation used is always dependent on the climate conditions of the area where the structure is installed. As in any garden, if you use plants native to the region, in many cases you can have zero or very low maintenance. What must be taken into account is that when you build an earth-sheltered house, the surface of the earth tends to revert back to its natural state eventually. You can decide to modify or improve these conditions with, for example, with improved soils, watering systems, and ornamental plants, or anything else that is feasible in your area. Low maintenance ground covering plants are a good choice.

Yes, you can plant tree species of moderate size with non-invasive roots in parts of the house with a suitable depth of soil. For example between connecting spaces, as well as on the earth berms around the house. Directly on top of the spaces where there is little thickness of Earth, it is preferable to plant smaller species. However, even in these areas the depth of Earth is approximately 20 centimeters, enough to plant large shrubs if you wish. It is important to get advice on local plants and planting techniques from professionals in the area.

Yes, it is possible. The type of crops you can grow will always depend on the climate and conditions of your area.

Yes. For cold weather our specifications include applying a thick layer of closed cell insulating foam approximately 60 cm (2 feet) coating the exterior of the shell – See: SPRAY FOAM – and then cover it with 20 cm (7.5 inches) of soil, grass and plants.

The materials used in the modules are of the highest quality, and as long as the instructions of the technical installation manual are strictly adhered to, and all additional materials (sealants, fasteners, waterproofing, geo-textiles) are used according to specifications, you can expect a lifetime of use with very little maintenance. With the passage of time, the necessary maintenance or repairs required are minimal and simple to address. The soil, grass and plant covering protects the structure from UV rays from the sun and adverse weather conditions.

The force required to crack a module of the GREEN MAGIC HOME system is very high and is not likely to happen accidentally, since it would require a strong blow with a steel cutting element or something similar. However, if this were to happen the repair work is relatively simple with elements, which may be obtained in a hardware or construction materials outlet.

Yes, ventilation are specified with the units and will vary depending on the location of the construction. In most cases the houses will use ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) systems.

The R factor, or resistance to the transfer of temperature factor, is approximately 1 for every 10 cm (3.93 inch) of soil. A typical Green Magic Home has an average of 60 cm (23.62 inch) between walls and cover, which gives an R factor of 6. But it can be increased up to a R factor of 50 by first applying a layer of 7.5 inches of closed-cell polyurethane foam, whose R factor is 6 per inch – see SPRAY FOAM – and then covering it with 20 cm (7.5 inch) of soil, grass and natural gardens.

No, gas emissions occur only during the manufacture of components in our plant, but once finished, they are completely inert and are no longer producing emissions or outgassing, making them suitable for permanent housing.

Technology components are constructed with materials of low combustibility G1 GOST 30244-94 (inflammable in SNIP 21/01/97), fast cooling technology that does not spread fire. In addition, whenever required the panels are covered by an intumescent coating that is compliant with ASTM E-84.

A 100 square meter (1,076 sq ft) house takes about 10 days to manufacture, but the exact delivery time will be determined at the time the contract is submitted, since it will depend on various factors such as the production queue and the requirements of the customer with regard to optional items. Normally the process from payment of the retainer fee to delivery will take approximately 30 to 60 days.

To become certified builder, you must be experienced in the building industry. To learn about the requirements view the BECOME A CERTIFIED BUILDER section of our site.