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Eye Massager Classic

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Eye Massager Classic

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The Merlin Eye Massager Classic Combines modern technology with eastern therapy to provide a winning combination that's great for your eyes and overall health.


it also comes pre-recorded with sounds from Nature and earphones are included

Adjustable straps for comfort
Can significantly improve your vision - helping prevent nearsightedness
Delay the onset of presbyopia (age related sight loss)
Helps prevent bags under your eyesand wrinkles
Relieves nasal congestion and discomfort caused by colds, hay fever and stuffy office enviroments
Helps you sleep by reducing tension and fatigue
Aids stress management through massage
Relieves persistent sinusitis and other sinus complaints

Relax with the soothing Eyezone Eye Massager
Eyestrain from spending too much time looking at your computer screen, reading or driving, is caused by a build-up of stress and tension in the nerves around the eye. The vibrating foam pads of the electronic Merlin eye massager workS on the pressure points at the temples, across the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to improve blood circulation, release tension and aid stress management for a drug-free headache cure. Using new acupressure technology; sore eyes, migraines and sinus problems are massaged away in minutes!

Additional Information

In Depth Prevent myopia, restrain increasing
Prevent eye disease caused by computer, dispel weariness in the dye and brain
Restrain neurasthenia and help to improve sleep quality.
Dimensions 175 x 60 x 60 mm
Option No
Weight 167 g

Eye Massager Classic FAQ


1. The device is not working?

Ensure that you’ve properly connected the charger to the controller.

Check that you’ve inserted the batteries properly.


2. I can’t hear music from the device?

Ensure that you’ve properly connected your earphones to the controller.


3. I can’t change the vibration intensity?

Vibration intensity can be changed only in “Vibration” mode.

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