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Meet the world’s first personal air conditioner. evaLIGHT humidifies, purifies and chills the air down to 17°C / 63°F. Easy to operate, simply fill the removable water tank and connect evaLight to a power supply. Within 5-10 minutes the evaLight will begin to cool its surrounding area. Safety and environmentally conscientious, evaLight is not flammable and produces no harmful emissions. Its general aesthetic is appealing in any room and with a wide range of colour options to choose from, this personal air conditioner can also double up as a light source.

Key Features

  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • USB Powered
  • Simple One Menu Interface


  • Power Consumption: 10W

  • Cooling Power: 100W-350W

  • Water Tank Capacity: 750 ml

  • Water Refill Cycle: Every 3-5 hours

  • Power Supply: Micro-USB (5V;2A)


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You’re Hot. They’re Cold. Or Vice Vesa.

The greatest thing about evaLight would be the ability to control the temperature around you without battling with anyone else over how hot or cold they’re feeling. Whether you want to chill or humidify the air, your personal air conditioner is just that: personal

Give Me Water. Give me Electricity. I’m Good to Go.

Simply fill the removable water tank and connect evaLight to a power supply. Within 5-10 minutes, the evaLight will begin to work. It’s that simple

Eco-Friendly and Fully Biodegradable

evaLIGHT filters are made from a mineral compound. This mineral compound doesn’t harm the environment and saves energy due to a compact cartridge size

And, I’m Portable.

Take evaLight with you. As long as you have a USB power source (because it uses a very small amount of energy, even a power bank will do!), evaLight will help you maintain a comfortable temperature of your choice anywhere, and everywhere.