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New Generation of Indoor Planting

DeskGarden Harvest is an indoor gardening system that uses hydroponics to help you grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. With no soil comes no bugs and this indoor gardening unit gives you access to fresh homegrown fruits, salad greens and vegetables without the chemicals and preservatives. It is super simple to set up and your green thumb will thank you for it.


Wouldn’t eating healthy be that much easier if fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables were homegrown right on your kitchen counter-top? DeskGarden can help you stay fit and save some money at the grocery. That’s a win-win! Smart Alerts remind you to add water so you don’t ever forget. Depending on the water ratio necessary for your produce, you will be alerted to when your DeskGarden is due for a refill.

No soil means no pests, and no pesticides means the ripest and healthiest produce you can find. As an indoor fixture, it is critical that it adds value to your home. DeskGarden is safe, teaches little ones to care and nurture, and might even help you discover a green thumb you never knew you had. And we want to help! With 3 seed packets available with the unit, you simply add some water, plant your seeds in the pods, and wait for the first signs of life. Take some pictures and share it with us. We can’t wait to see what you’re growing!

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