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Your Entire Online World on Your Wrist!

NeoTalk Teens is nothing but the best solution to your smart watch needs. This smart watch phone remains in sync with your smartphone and helps you tackle the world with your phone on your wrist. Make calls, reply to messages, and track your daily activity while you are on the move with NeoTalk Teens!


  • Android-based operating system
  • Easily connects to your smartphone
  • 2G voice calling directly from the watch
  • LCD capacitive touch screen
  • Anti-loss function + smart vibration alerts for notifications
  • Activity tracking, sleep monitoring, calorie calculator

Magical Fact

In 1972, the Hamilton Watch Company and Electro/Data Inc. developed the first digital watch, an LED prototype named Pulsar. Wrapped in 18-carat gold, the Pulsar was sold for $2,100. Adjusted for inflation, that number comes closer to $12,300 in 2016. Though users had to press a button in order to see the time, the Pulsar virtually revolutionized the field of watches and paved the way for its smart successors. One could even argue that this was a pivotal point in smartwatch history.

Stay Connected

It’s easy to miss an important call, message or other notifications from your phone, especially when you’re at school or college or even while traveling. Or maybe sometimes it’s just not appropriate to be checking your phone. With NeoTalk Teens on your wrist, you miss nothing.

Stay Healthy

The built-in pedometer keeps track of your daily activity, keeping you updated on your daily goals, steps taken, calories spent, and even alerting you if you’ve been sitting inactive for too long. And after an exhausting day when you go to bed, NeoTalk monitors your sleep, giving you useful insights on your sleep quality.

Stylish and Feature-Packed

With a full capacitive touch screen, built-in speaker and microphone, and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, NeoTalk can play your favorite music, take photos, work as a diary and a scheduler, and even make phone calls. And yes, it also tells the time, with multiple dial faces to choose from.

Your Personal Assistant

Missed submitting an assignment? Or running late for college? Let NeoTalk do the arduous task of remembering schedules, settings alarms, and recording notes, leaving you free to sail through your day without worrying about missing anything.

Get More from Your Smart Watch

Be in touch with your social network, your family, and friends. No matter where you are, a quick check on your wrist will keep you up to date. Like a mini version of your smartphone, NeoTalk reflects what is happening in your world and lets you know. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, right from your wrist.

More Information
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In Depth Processor : Dual Core 1.2G
Display : 1.3" LCD Touch Screen
Resolution : 240x240 pixels
Memory : ROM 4G + 512 RAM
Bluetooth : 3.0
Supports : Wi-Fi, G-Sensor, Nano SIM
Battery : 230mAh

Click Here to Download User Manual - Version 1

Dimensions 50x45x13 mm
Weight 100g
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