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TruWireless Earphones

Meet SonicX, one of the smallest wireless earphones in the market, featuring superior sound quality for music and calls, and advanced wireless connectivity for seamless performance. The innovative cord-free design makes SonicX small and light, helping create the most immersive sound imaginable. Be it your morning jog, power workout, or evening stroll, plug SonicX earbuds into each ear, and you’re set–no wires attached!

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Product Description



    • Wireless earphones with auto pairing, left and right earbuds
    • Shut out the noise & shut in your music
    • Free yourselves from wires & move with your music
    • 7 hours Talktime; 5 hours of wireless music play
    • Built-in microphone for answering calls
    • Perfect for daily commute and noisy places such as airports, restaurants

    Magical Fact

    In the Navy (1910–50), Fundamentalist Mormon and engineer Nathaniel Baldwin invented the first pair of audio headphones on his kitchen table in 1910. His idea, initially dismissed by sceptical private investors, was picked up by the US Navy, who ordered 100 pairs and made Mr. Baldwin a rich man.

    What Your Hear Matters

    SonicX is built with high-quality amps that drive two high-precision balanced armature speakers to produce detailed sound with amazing mid and high-tones, and a tight bass response, with minimal distortion.

    Wireless Music—No Strings Attached

    No cables, no wires. SonicX does more with less. With an innovative cord-free design, the earbuds are as light and small as possible, making it almost unnoticeable when you wear them. And with a dedicated multi-function button to play, pause, answer and end calls, you don’t have to take your phone out every time someone calls.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    Click Here to Download User Manual - Version 1

    Click Here to Download User Manual - Version 2

    Bluetooth: 4.1
    Bluetooth Supported: Handset, Hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
    Transmission Power: Class 2
    Charging Voltage: DC4.75-5.25V
    Dimensions 23x17x14mm
    Weight 10g

    SonicX FAQ

    Q) How to charge the device?
    A) Prior for using the earbuds for the first time, the device needs to be fully charged. Approximately 2 hours are required to fully charged the device.
    Q) How do I know if the device is charging?
    A) The indicator light turns red while being charged, and will turn blue automatically after being fully charged.
    Q) How do I know if the device is low on battery?
    A) When the device is running out of battery, the indicator light will flash and voice prompt (the device will switch off automatically when the battery is drained).
    Q) How to turn "ON" the device?
    A) In OFF MODE, press and hold MFB for about 3 seconds until you hear a short beep and the indicator light will flash into blue, then the device will enter to STANDBY MODE.
    Q) How to turn "OFF" the device?
    A) In "ON MODE", press and hold MFB for about 3 seconds until hearing short beep and the indicator light flashes red, then the device will enter on OFF MODE.
    Q) How to pair the device via smartphone?
    A) BT Connectivity: 1.) Ensure both device is off, the distance between the two earbuds is at least 1 meter to your smartphone. 2.) Press and hold MFB for about 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue and red alternately as PAIRING MODE. 3.) The Earbuds will find each other automatically to discriminate left and right channels then paired automatically. 4.) Select headset "SBT299" from the found devices list of the smartphone. 5.) Enter the passkey "0000" if requested, confirm to pair the earbuds with your phone. The headset enters in the "STANDBY MODE", the indicator light circles blue. 6.) Ensure the distance between the earbuds and phone is within 10 meters, and without any obstacles. You can use the headset freely. 7.) If the earbuds had paired with your phone but disconnected, it will pair automatically again when turns on within operation range.Prior to pairing with your phone, need the two earbuds to be pair themselves, then pair it to your phone, otherwise you can only use 1 earbuds solely.
    Q) How can I answer and end calls?
    A) To answer the call just press the MFB once and to end the call press the MFB again.
    Q) Can I reject a call?
    A) In order to reject the call just press and hold the MFB button for about 2 seconds.
    Q) Does the device has voice a dialing?
    A) In STANDBY MODE, press and hold MFB and say the voice tag as soon as you hear prompt (ensure your phone supports voice dialing function, recorded the voice tag into your phone).
    Q) With this device can I redial the last call?
    A) You may dial the last number or person you dialed simply "Double press the MFB under standby mode". You can also remove apps that not compatible with current version of your OS. This will solve problem to a great extent.
    Q) How can I adjust the volume?
    A) There is no adjustment on the device, you can adjust the volume from your phone.

Product's Review
    1. Excellent Review by ziddi66

      As usuall, ur product is excellent. Very clear sound. (Posted on 4/23/2018)

    2. Good Review by Pongpat

      Very good for music and talk about phone. (Posted on 10/1/2017)

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