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Unleash your cellphone and get rid of cables!

Rock to your favorite sings or make crystal-clear hands-free calls using Merlin’s Bluetooth Car MP3. This multi-function car MP3 player easily integrates most Bluetooth-enabled cellphones or MP3 players with your car stereo.




  • Simple plug & play design; transmits on all FM frequencies (87.5–108MHz)
  • Bluetooth-enabled, call receive/end button, built-in mic
  • Make and receive calls hands-free while driving
  • Enhanced voice detection microphone makes calling easy
  • Standard USB port for charging & microSD slot for music playback
  • Recognizes multiple file formats such as MP3, WMA, and AA4G

No more wires

Merlin’s Bluetooth Car MP3 is a compact and convenient car accessory that enables Bluetooth and hands-free calling in any type of car as long as it has an FM stereo. BT MP3 player connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmits sound to your car stereo via FM radio broadcast. Now you can play music wirelessly in your car from your phone.

Truly hands-free

Not only does Bluetooth Car MP3 play your songs but you can even answer and listen to calls through your car’s speakers totally hands-free. Plug it in to your car’s cigarette lighter and it remains charged and ready to use every time you are in the car. Moreover, if you need to charge your phone, it has a USB port to plug in your charging cable as well.

Elegant design with amazing functionality

BT Car MP3 is a multi-tasking and multi-functioning gadget. If you do not have music on your phone, then simply insert a microSD card loaded with your tunes. The soft-touch, multi-function button at the top allows you to not only play/pause your music but also answer/end calls and adjust volume. The top unit is magnetically attached to the bottom part so that you can easily detach it and use it as just a charging outlet.

Loaded with accessories

Keeping pace with most modern smartphones, Bluetooth Car MP3 comes with an expandable vent mount. The sturdy vent mount works with most types of car vents and smartphones of various sizes, keeping your smartphone at eye level and ready for GPS directions. Moreover, the included dual output (Lightning and Micro USB) charging cable lets you charge your Android as well as iOS devices.

Additional Information

In Depth

Click Here to Download User Manual

FM Transmit Frequency : 87.5 ~108Mhz
Bluetooth Version : 2.0
Supports File format : MP3, WMA, WAV
Frequency response : 20mHz-15Khz
BT Microphone effective range : 0.5~2M
BT Transmit distance : 10M
Rated Voltage : 12V
Limited Voltage : 9~26V
USB output : 5V/2.1 A
Work temperature : 0~50 °C
SNR : >60dB
Degree of distortion : <0.1%
Left and right channel : dB>60dB
Transmit frequency modulation mode: Stereo Digital PLL frequency lock
Dimensions 85 x 95 x 20 mm
Weight 230 g

Bluetooth Car MP3 FAQ

Q) Device not powering on or nothing displayed when power is on?
A) Check if contact between the device and cigarette socket is undone, or if cigarette socket is rusty.
B) Check if fuse of the device has burned out. If yes, please replace with same fuse.
C) Pull out the device from cigarette socket and plug in again.
Q) Playing failure?
A) Check if the Micro SD card connection is ok, or retry with another Micro SD card.
B) Check if the file format is correct. It can support MP3 or WMA only.
C) Check volume is not set at ‘0’
D) Muting noise but no voice
E) Check if player is on ‘PAUSE’.
F) Check if volume is on 0 or is low.
Q) Bluetooth hands-free failure?
A) Check if mobile telephone has been connected with the player.
B) No sound transmitted to car audio
C) Check if the device is in transmitting state.
D) Check if transmitting frequency is the same with receiving frequency of the car radio.
Q) Noise with transmission?
A) Check if the preset channel has a strong signal, try to change to a channel without signal interference.
Q) Remote control not working?
A) Make sure you take off the battery bar paper.
B) Check if the battery has low power which may need to be changed.
The Bluetooth Car FM transmitter is installed with a high-performance Bluetooth module and a sophisticated MP3/WMA decoding chip. It is able to play music from Micro SD and mobile phone through the car stereo via FM radio transmission. It Support Bluetooth hands-free phone calls and can switch to music automatically once the phone call has ended. You can enjoy music and answer phone calls simultaneously easily using Bluetooth.
1. Play/Pause, Answer/Hang up calls
2. Volume control
3. Bluetooth and MP3 indicator light
4. Microphone
5. Display window
6. Reset button
7. Short press to previous track/frequency down/long press to Bluetooth
8. Short press to next track/long press to frequency up
9. Power light
10. Micro SD card
11. Power Adaptor
12. Cigarette lighter base
13. USB port
1. Adjust the angle, suitable for different vehicles.
2. Support LED display and power on/off by software
3. Support Micro SD card (1G-32G)
4. Support multiple music formats (MP3/WMA/WAV)
5. Bluetooth hands-free
6. Support music playing via Bluetooth stereo
7. CVC technology cancels echo and reduces ambient noise.
8. Support IR remote control
9. Support IR remote control to receive calls or switch calls
10. Built-in chargeable lithium battery
11. Can power other equipment via USB. Max output 5V/2.1A
12. Product and cigarette lighter work separately for easy operation
13. Stereo Bluetooth and FM transmitter
14. Automatically power-off memory
15. Volume adjustment at 360 degree and pick up calls by separate top button easily
4.1 Playing music
4.1.1 Power on by long pressing M button for three seconds, and power off by long pressing another three seconds.
4.1.2 When switched off, put main board on cigarette lighter base. Device will power on automatically if there is power being supplied. LED will display BT. If card is inserted, device will play music automatically.
4.1.3 Plug in the device to the cigarette lighter socket. Insert Micro SD card stored with MP3 or WMA files. It will play music automatically once music files are detected. Press and to play previous and next track. Press ‘M’ button to play or pause.
4.1.4 Turn on the car’s FM radio and adjust frequency of the device to match the car radio. Music from the device can now be heard from the car stereo.
4.1.5 Frequency adjustment, Long press to frequency adjustment, LED display will show frequency. Then press and to adjust frequency from 87.5 to 108MHZ.
4.1.6 Adjust potentiometer clockwise for volume up & counter-clockwise for volume down.
4.1.7 The device has a chargeable lithium battery. Put main board on cigarette lighter base and it will charge automatically while playing music.

4.2 Pairing the Bluetooth and cell phone Pair the cell phone with the device on first use. Please refer to the user manual of your cell phone for specific details on Bluetooth connectivity. While music is playing long press and music will stop playing. Turn on the Bluetooth hands-free device, and activate your cell phone’s Bluetooth function, then search for ‘Car Kit’ on your mobile phone. Select ‘Car Kit’ device. Enter the password ‘0000’ if it is requested..

Select ‘Car Kit’ from the list on the mobile phone’s paired devices, then select ‘Hands-free device’ from authorised devices. Additional equipment connections: The device will only connect automatically when powered on if it has previously been paired.

Attention: some phones can connect to the device automatically again after a restart. Some phones may need to be authorised for each connection. You may set as an ‘Automatic connection’. If you require detailed instructions, please refer to phone's user's manual.

4.3 Using Bluetooth hands-free (When the Bluetooth FM transmitter is on standby or playing music)
4.3.1 Making a call; When in ‘connected’ state, dial a phone number on your mobile phone and voice will play from your car radio automatically. LCD displays ‘BT’.
4.3.2 Answering a call; When in ‘connected’ state and there is an incoming call press M button to answer the call, then press or to choose the phone private talking mode or Bluetooth hands-free mode, press M button again to hang up the call.
4.3.3 Reject a call; When there is a call but you don’t want to answer it, press M button two times to reject the call.

4.4 Play music stored in phone; This device Support A2DP and can play music stored in a mobile phone by transmitting the music to the car audio via a Bluetooth hands-free FM transmitter. This results in higher quality sound.
4.4.1 According to phone’s manual, set the music player of the phone to output via Bluetooth
4.4.2 Once setup the cell phone’s music will transmit through the FM transmitter and play from the car radio.
When the device is powered off it will automatically memorise the frequency in use and the point where the music has stopped and will resume playing from that point when powered on next time. However, when the storage device have been changed or removed, or when errors have been detected, the system will automatically restore the default settings.
1. CH- : Frequency down
2. CH+ : Frequency up
3. << : Previous song
4. >> : Next song
5. > : Play/Pause/ Answer or Hang up a call
6. - : Volume -
7. + : Volume +
8. EQ : Choose different kinds of sound effect
9. 0~9 : quick to pick up a song by pressing number key
10. MODE : Music player / Bluetooth
11. : Answer or Hang up a call
12. : Switch between Bluetooth and cell phone when on calling.
1.Do not turn the FM transmitter volume too high to avoid voice distortion (normally at 28 or below). Please use the volume on your car audio system.
2.Select a preset channel without signal interference.
3.Operation mode for Bluetooth may be different due to differences from various mobile phones.
4. Some models of mobile phone won’t connect automatically after powering is off and therefore require pairing again.
5. The device is compatible with 95% of the mobile phones in the market, but not all. Please understand this before purchasing this product.
6. In phone calling mode, the volume should be moderate to avoid affecting the other end of the call.
7. Do not use the product in dusty, high-humidity, or extreme-temperature conditions.
8. Prevent the product from falling to avoid damage.
9. Do not open the product yourself. Please contact the distributor if you require assistance.
10. Data in this manual is subject to alteration without prior notice.
11. This device will auto power off if no Bluetooth device is paired or if there is no Micro SD card inserted.
1. Remote control
2. User Manual
3. Device
4. Packaging

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It mat my expectation (Posted on 5/16/2016)
more than excellent / highly satisfied Review by Hossam
really it's excellent product , excellent company,and excellent customer service, i bought this item 2 weeks ago, i faced some issues in the frequency,once i write a review they are the one who call me to check the issue, and immediately they send me a technician to check it and they replace me with a new one, really the voice is too clear now and i'm really enjoying it. highly recommended to my friends (Posted on 3/15/2016)

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