There is an ongoing argument in the blogosphere and other media on the future of PCs and laptops versus tablets and smartphones in business. Trending thoughts seem to put tablets and smartphones in the forefront for the future. Back in December of last year, noted a recent study by Gartner Market Research that made the prediction that by 2018 half of all users will turn to their tablets or smartphones before laptops or PCs.

Bigger displays and processing power of PCs and laptops are still helpful in business tasks such as creating content. Many executives, however, tend to use tablets with a wireless keyboard while keeping a powerful desktop at work that can be readily accessed. It is a fact that PC and laptop shipments have been on the decline. But are tablets really going to replace desktops and laptops? Check out what Dennis Sellers has to say about the future of tablets and desktops.

In the long-ago days of 2013, Ben Bajarin, writing for Techpinions, predicted that desktops are going to make a comeback and that it's notebooks that are "the past" as tablets such as the iPad continue to grow in popularity. I think he was onto something, despite a more-common line of thinking that the desktop is the past of personal computing as ever more folks move to laptops.

"I see desktops making a comeback due to a role change," Bajarin said. "There is an interesting trend emerging around desktops. Consumer all-in-one desktops (like the iMac) are being designed to be showcased prominently in the house rather than stuck in the den or office. These computers will be very elegant, very powerful, and very affordable. So rather than try to converge a notebook and a tablet, I think a better create a solution is to pair a desktop all-in-one with a tablet."

Under this scenario, when you want a big screen, keyboard, lots of processing power, etc., you would use your desktop computer. When you want a mobile computer you use your tablet. "Plus, if you buy my logic that a notebook is just a portable desktop, then the notebook becomes irrelevant in a desktop/tablet solution," Bajarin adds.

I think this is a great idea. In fact, I'd love to be able to have a set-up in which my iMac is my workstation, so to speak, and my iPad Pro is what I use when I'm on the road, sitting in bed, etc.