Smart Home

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Smart Home

What is Home Automation?

Recent technological innovations in wireless technology have made it possible to control your home through your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection from anywhere in the world. Although it sounds complex and a bit too technical for the most of us, home automation systems are in fact easy to install and use. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

The home automation industry is expanding rapidly with the advent of a growing number of products that can be linked to smart systems and controlled remotely. Home automation systems not only make your home safer and more convenient, but they help you save on utility bills by controlling your average daily electricity usage.

The best part about it is that there are several price points, helping you decide how much technology you want to incorporate in your smart home, thereby letting you start small and grow your home automation system slowly.

Why Home Automation?

Not too long ago, the idea of a smartphone seemed unnecessary. However, today it’s something that we cannot do without. The same premise exists with the introduction of home automation, which lets us turn our house into a smart home that can be easily controlled with a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

With a minimal investment, you can start saving energy and money by installing something as little as a smart light bulb such as Merlin's Wi-Fi Bulb, allowing you to turn your lights on and off from your phone. Turn your lights on before you get home, or automate your lights to turn on and off while traveling for additional home security. One of the most valuable home automation devices is the smart thermostat. Saving as much as 30% on your annual home energy use, the smart thermostat is easy to install and allows you to set the needed temperature without the system running for longer than needed.

In addition to the convenience of these smart bulbs and thermostats, you can dig into a wide range of home automation devices for added security. From Wi-Fi enabled IP cameras to keep an eye on the inside or outside of your home, to motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors, smart locks, video door intercoms, smart sockets, and more, home automation is the future of home security systems—a simple way to take care of your most valuable asset, your home.

How Does Home Automation Benefit You?

While our dream innovations might remain beyond our grasp, we can still enjoy a bit of “the future” today with home automation. Simply put, home automation lets you access and control critical systems and appliances from a remote or centralized location. With a few taps on a touchscreen device such as your smartphone, you can set temperatures, turn off lights, and tweak your home’s security, among other things.

There are very real and immediate benefits to using home automation systems, which let you manage your home, even when you’re not at home! You can turn alarms on or off from your smartphone, open doors, control multiple audio and video devices, turn lights on/off, and get live feed on your mobile—all with just one button.