After UAE, GCC, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore
Now Merlin Magic comes to MAURITIUS

The range of Merlin's cutting edge technology products are now on display and sale at RICHE TERRE MALL in Mauritius

We at Merlin pride ourselves with constantly innovating with technology to come up with lifestyle products, gadgets and other wizardry that are at the leading edge. Our range of products spans some of the fastest growing segments in Consumer Electronics.


The Centre Commercial Riche Terre, recently renamed, Riche Terre Mall, was opened in 2003. The first shopping mall of its kind in the northern part of the island, it contributed not only in uplifting the fairly barren and industrial landscape of Riche Terre but also in bringing a whole new shopping experience to communities within its catchment area and beyond. In reviewing the design of the Riche Terre Mall, the concept was to skillfully combine contemporary and elegant architectural design with functional convenience, vitality, accessibility and an appealing tenant mix. The new shopping mall promises to exceed the expectations of shoppers and tenants by offering an enjoyable lifestyle experience beyond mere shopping. The fresh and modern architecture of the Riche Terre Mall contributes to create the welcoming atmosphere of an Oasis amidst a fairly barren landscape.