What is Leonar3Do?

Stanford University describes it as “a new software and hardware product that allows users to design, manipulate and analyze 3D objects from within a virtual 3D environment”. The system utilizes a software application, 3D monitor and glasses, and a spatial input tool called a ‘bird’. The bird is used to move, rotate, sculpt and mold objects that appear to float in front of the monitor, and the 3D glasses assist with head-tracking for viewing objects from different visual angles.

A brief explanation of various design tools found in the menu is all it takes to begin molding and sculpting a sphere into something resembling a head with contoured facial features. Leonar3Do succeeds with input and visualization tools that mimic the way many people analyze and manipulate objects in the real world. With a few hours of practice with some of the more advanced design menu tools, some interesting objects could be ready for export and 3D printing.

Basically, what it means is that you can now design and shape things in 3D as if you were holding the object in your hand and sculpting it in a 3D work environment.

Studica.com has detailed how Leonar3Do could be used to help classroom learning.

How Does Interactive 3D Technology and Leonar3Do Help in Education?

The one-word answer is the “WOW-effect”. 3D visualized curriculum piques students’ interest. Full engagement from students makes them think better. The engagement can be further increased with the possibility of interaction with the digital curriculum. “Digital” is an important keyword. Why? Because digitization allows us to visualize anything in the virtual space. This means that impossible becomes possible. Imagine how easy it would be to understand the science behind chemistry and molecules, geometric shapes, astronomy and our galaxy, anatomy etc. by visualizing these objects and concepts in a virtual reality environment that you can interact with. Leonar3Do's interactive 3d technology enables you all of these resulting in a “never-experienced” quick and effective knowledge-transfer.

The Challenge in Education

The so called “Y-Z generation”, today’s students use modern devices to communicate, entertain, study and so on. More and more content and solutions are becoming digital and immersive. This creates a highly increased stimulus threshold which can clearly lead to attention deficit. The traditional education tools (like blackboard and books) do not grab students’ interest permanently. It is common for children to start using devices before they learn how to read and write. Educational solutions must follow the tech trends, and become digital and more immersive. Interactive 3d technology is a perfect fit.

Digital and Immersive Education

There are several ways to keep students’ attention. You can make the whole learning process more interactive by involving students into class and faculty research. Teachers should provide not only the mandatory curriculum, but up-to-date news, interesting articles and discoveries. Utilizing the expansion of the social media in order to create an effective student-teacher communication would also help to keep them in touch. Finally, the most important task would be the implementation of new technologies in the classrooms to achieve a higher level of student engagement, and a more effective knowledge transfer.

According to a case study by International Research Agency by BBC news, “On average, 86% of pupils in 3D classrooms improved in test results, compared to 52% of children using traditional teaching methods. It also found that attention levels soared – with 92% of the class paying attention during 3D lessons compared to 46% in the traditional learning environment.”

But how about the young children? The user-friendly Leonar3Do software and hardware platform enables them to sculpt and paint easily and intuitively. All you have to do is grab the BIRD (the 3D mouse), and start drawing in the air, just like with a magic pen. It is a true plug-and-play, out of the box experience, which lets even children to improve their skills and creativity quickly. So let’s grab the BIRD and unlock their inner artists in a fun way with Leonar3Do!

Affordable Interactive 3D Education with Leonar3Do

Leonar3Do provides the easiest and cheapest way to create, demonstrate and visualize virtual 3D objects in real space, by transforming the 2D flat dimension of your computer into a real 3D work environment.

Leonar3Do 3D’s passive 3D visualization technology enables intuitive, real-time interactions that are responsive to user’s actions and displays the most realistic 3D objects and full virtual environments. Rather than simply looking at a flat computer screen, in just minutes you can be immersed in the digital environment where objects float in front of the screen and you are the controller of the application.