Dubai: To achieve constant and consistent success it is important to stay motivated. This was the main prerogative why public speakers Brian Tracy and Jairek Robbins visited the Merlin Digital headquarters. Both are world renowned public speakers and their talks have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. Brian Tracy is a business speaker who specializes in giving seminars about job performance and productivity.

While visiting the Merlin Digital head office Mr. Tracy spoke to upper management about effective methods that can be applied to get the most out of a company. His wisdom and suggestions were indeed valuable and it is hoped that he visits again very soon. Jairek Robbins is a motivational speaker who has been featured on leading network stations such as CNBC, has given talks to the United States Olympic team, as well as the United States Air Force among many others. While visiting the Merlin Digital headquarters Jairek spoke to the Merlin executive sales team about self-motivation and achieving targets, however, because of his magnetic personality pretty soon all of the departments were outside listening to him speak.

While there Jairek was shown a few Merlin products such as the Wifi Bulb and the Virtuoso Headphones, both products that he greatly appreciated and even gave suggestions on how to effectively market them, such as using the Wifi Bulb for color therapy. At Merlin Digital we are always striving to educate our team on how to achieve the most out of their day and career. Aside from being accomplished employees, it is much more important to be well-rounded human beings as a benefit to everyone involved.